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Please visit the College Calendar for dates, times and locations of CCSRE events. Most events are open to the public, and most are free of charge. 

Spring 2014 Spring Lecture Series: Social Justice, Decolonization and Activism: Latin America and the World

This month-long, four-part series comprises film screenings, talks and a forum to further the College's efforts to promote local and global awareness and engagement, an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and a commitment to diversity and social justice. Read the event release for more details.

Incarcerated America – Spring 2014 Lecture Series

In response to students' interest and concerns, faculty at Connecticut College and guest scholars will address the issue of mass incarceration from their respective disciplines. In doing so, this lecture series explores hyper-incarceration, gender, prison environments, immigration, race/ethnicity, prison art, and rehabilitation. All events are open to the Connecticut College learning community and the public. Contact Professor Campos-Holland at or 860-439-2006. View the poster for the Incarcerated America Lecture Series. (pdf)

Beyond the Pale: Pedagogical Strategies for Addressing Assumptions about Race and Whiteness: Feb. 27, 2014

(For faculty)  Using comments drawn from 406 students in race and ethnicity courses at two universities over a course of 8 years, Dr. Matthew Hughey, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut, identifies four common misperceptions about race and racial privilege that students carry with them into the classroom. He then introduces four pedagogical strategies that faculty can implement in their courses in order to combat these misperceptions and aid student understanding in these areas. 

Book Presentation, Feb. 27, 7:30 pm. - White Bound: Nationalists, Antiracists, and the Shared Meanings of Race

Taken at face value, it would seem that whites are splintering into antagonistic groups, with differing worldviews, values, and ideological stances. "White Bound" investigates these dividing lines between antagonistic groups of whites, questioning the very notion of a fracturing whiteness, and in so doing offers a unique view of white racial identity. Matthew Hughey spent over a year doing research and observed surprising similarities related to how two white organizations -- a white nationalist group and a white antiracist group -- make meaning of whiteness. His talk will examine these similarities to illuminate not only the many ways of being white but also how they collectively reproduce both white identity and, ultimately, white supremacy.

ConnWorks, Feb. 28 - "Bodies in a Globalizing World"

This Feb. 28 event features a panel of speakers from two books co-edited by Afshan Jafar, Assistant Professor of Sociology, which delve into how globalization is experienced and embodied in different locations. The books are Global Beauty, Local Bodies and Bodies without Borders.

March, April 2014 - Latin@ Studies Lecture Series at Connecticut College

This series began last year as a response to students' demands for more teaching on Latin@ Studies. This year addresses more themes, involving experts from off-campus, and linking events more directly to other academic fields. The faculty organizing committee includes professors Ana Campos-Holland, Ron Flores, Jennifer Rudolph, Elizabeth Garcia and Leo Garofalo. Sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Joseph Henry Selden Memorial Lectureship Fund, CCSRE, Dept of History, & Dept of Hispanic Studies. Contact Professor Campos-Holland at or 860-439-2006. View the Latin@ Lecture series poster

Contact Information:
Jennifer Bonnano, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-439-2032

Leo J. Garofalo, Director
Phone: 860-439-2098


740 Williams Street
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