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ConnWorks and Gender Grubs

ConnWorks is a faculty forum to present research-in-progress and receive insightful feedback from faculty colleagues throughout the College.

The Gender & Women's Studies department and the Center for the Comparative Study of Race & Ethnicity are sponsoring ConnWorks and Gender Grubs. Consult the College's Online Calendar of Events for final dates and times.

CCSRE ConnWorks 13-14 Poster (pdf)

View the ConnWorks 2013-2014 Faculty Fora Schedule (pdf)

Gender Grubs is a faculty forum to discuss pedagogy by presenting syllabi for review and sharing. This is a way to encourage transnational feminist content and pedagogy, or, on occasion, to discuss issues pressing to the Gender & Women's Studies department associated faculty.

We hope that this collaborative effort will encourage all participants to think more critically about the intersection of race and gender. The majority of the presentations will discuss class, ethnicity, nationality and sexuality.

Contact Information:
Jennifer Bonnano, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-439-2032
Email jbonnano@conncoll.edu

Leo J. Garofalo, Director
Phone: 860-439-2098

Email lgar@conncoll.edu

740 Williams Street
New London, CT 06320