Current CISLA Scholars

Seniors: Class of 2015

Upon completion of their summer internship experiences, CISLA seniors return to campus to begin the final phases of the CISLA program. In their CISLA class, IS401: New Perspectives on Modern Global Society, they share their thoughts and experiences of being abroad, and reflect upon the personal discoveries they have made during their CISLA journeys.

Senior year is also when the CISLA scholar integrates his or her major, coursework, research, and internship experience into the Senior Integrative Project (S.I.P.) in the form of an honors thesis or an independent study project.

Finally, the seniors must pass an oral proficiency examination in their foreign languages of study. Upon successful completion of all of the CISLA requirements, they will be awarded CISLA certification at graduation.

Melanie Argueta

Language: Spanish; Major: Molecular Biology

SIP: Tuberculosis and HIV Treatments
Internship: AIDS Research Group Facultad de Medicina
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Starla Coffee

Languages: German and Italian; Majors: German and Italian

SIP: South Tyrol’s Education System as a Reflection of Linguistic, Cultural and National Identity
Internship: Südtiroler Schützenbund
Location: South Tyrol, Italy

Danielle Cyr

Language: Turkish; Majors: International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies

SIP: Historical, Political, and Cultural Influences on Women’s Rights in Turkey
Internship: KADAV Women's Solidarity Foundation
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Sophia Delevie-Orey

Language: Spanish; Majors: History and Hispanic Studies

SIP: History of Sexual Education in Chile
Internship: Ministry of Education, Sexual Education Programs
Location: Santiago, Chile

Benedikt Gottwald

Language: English; Majors: Economics and International Relations

SIP: Effect of Information Technology on Firm Structure Across Geographies and Industries
Internship: Redwood Capital Group
Location: New York City, U.S.

Richard Hogoboom

Language: Mandarin; Major: International Relations

SIP:  Effects of the Diaoyu Islands Dispute on the Balance of Power
Internship: Time Out Beijing
Location: Beijing, China

Michael Joyce

Language: German; Major: Physics

SIP: Research on Novel Instrumentation for the Gravitational Wave Detection in Space
Internship: Albert Einstein Institute
Location: Hanover, Germany

Winona Mantelli

Language: Japanese; Major: Human Development

SIP: Language Socialization in Japanese Elementary Schools
Internship: Koganei Elementary School
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Rachel Newman

Language: Spanish; Major: Art History

SIP: Indigenism, Primitivism, and Hybridization in South American Art
Internship: Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Eavey Newton

Language: German; Majors: Studio Art and German Studies

SIP: Urban Media Culture in Public Art
Internship: Public Art Lab
Location: Berlin, Germany

Ashling O'Donnell

Language: French; Majors: International Relations and Religious Studies

SIP: Deconstructing Corporal Piety: Pregnancy and Ramadan
Internship: High Atlas Foundation
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

Danielle Palmieri

Language: Spanish; Major: English

SIP: Gender and Self-Identity in Chilean Literature 
Internship: MilAires Boutique de Libros
Location: Santiago, Chile

Diana Petravicjusa

Language: German; Majors: Economics and International Relations

SIP: The Ukraine Crisis: Role, Effects and Effectiveness of Sanctions
Internship: Investment Consulting "Smart Securities" LLC
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Mike Picard

Language: Hebrew; Majors: International Relations and Anthropology

SIP: Competing Social and National Identities among Israeli Arabs
Internship: Kav LaOved (Workers' Hotline)
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

S. Massoud Sallah

Language: French; Major: Architectural Studies

SIP: Green Architecture for School Design in a Remote Village
Internship: Payette
Location: Boston, U.S.

Leland Sidle

Language: Russian; Major: Slavic Studies

SIP: Islam in Russia 
Internship: Citizens' Watch
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Caeli Smith

Language: Italian; Majors: Studio Art and Italian

SIP: National Identity and Film
Internship: Il Kino Cinema Organization and the United Nations World Food Programme
Location: Rome, Italy

Maureen Smolskis

Language: Spanish; Major: International Relations

SIP: The Impact of Urban Migrations on Indigenous Communities:    The Case of the Shipibos
Internship: U.S. Department of State, Western Hemisphere Bureau, Economic Section
Location: Lima, Peru

Jonathon Stark

Language: Japanese; Major: Physics

SIP: SR Technique and Muon Lifetime and Magnetic Movement
Internship: J-PARC SR Group (Tokai campus)
Location: Tokai, Japan

Neal Jujian Tan

Language: German; Majors: Economics and International Relations

SIP: Impact of Co-Determination Policies on Company Productivity in Germany
Internship: MATRADE
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Claire Von Loesecke

Language: French; Majors: Economics and French

SIP: Application of the Solow Model to Food and Beverage Processing in Senegal: Efficiency, Labor Productivity and Competitiveness
Internship: Consortium pour la recherche economique et sociale 
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Kenan Wan

Languages: Russian and Chinese; Majors: Slavic Studies and Economics

SIP: Chinese Migrant Workers in Eastern Europe
Internship: Ghibil Logistics Company Ltd.
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Audrey Wayman

Language: French; Majors: Psychology and French

SIP: Effects of Music Therapy in France
Internship: Studio of Music Therapy of Burgundy
Location: Dijon, France

Jier Yang

Language: Japanese; Major: East Asian Languages and Cultures

SIP: Kyofukai and Global Women's Movement
Internship: Kyofukai, Japan Christian Women's Organization
Location: Tokyo, Japan

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