Deirde Coakley '01
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Dance and Children – self-esteem, talent, development – and impact upon communities
Internship: The Latham School, Brewster, MA
SIP: A Prospectus for Dance Education: Necessity, Benefits and Processes, Sociology Independent Study

Marissa Cotsonas '01
Major: Mathematics
PICA Interest: Educating exceptional children and improving secondary math education
Internship: Summerbridge, Cambridge, MA
SIP: Secondary Mathematics Curriculum, Education Independent Study

John Dumey '01
Major: History
PICA Interest: Police Brutality
Internship: October 22nd Coalition, New York, NY
SIP: The Anti-Police Brutality Social Movement: A case study of the October 22 nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation, History Independent Study

Jaime Friedman '01
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Programming for at-risk youth
Internship: Boston 2:00 - 6:00 After-School Initiative, Boston, MA
SIP: The Mentoring Personality: Generativity, Intimacy, Power Motivation and Attachment Style in Youth Mentors, Psychology Honors Thesis

Elizabeth Hall '01
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: Community boating
Community Boating, Boston, MA
SIP: Community Boating: An Example of Urban Sport Making a Difference in the Lives of Children, American Studies Independent Study

Jason Hamilton '01
Major: Environmental Studies
PICA Interest: Public interest law, community environment issues
Office of the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, Hartford, CT
SIP: Effective Strategies for Community Organizing, Environmental Studies Honors Thesis

Sarah Hansen '01
Major: History
PICA Interest: Historic preservation
Greater Portland Landmarks, Portland, ME
SIP: 'The Fort' The Italians in the Fort Trumbull Neighborhood, New London, CT 1900-1938, History Honors Thesis

Melissa Heggers '01
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Understanding the self and one's many talents by exploring various forms of expression and overcoming hesitations
The Enrichment Centers, Bethesda, MD
SIP: A comparative look at music acquisition in a child and an adult, Psychology

Beth Mauer '01
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Public Policy
Kid's Bridge, Providence, RI
SIP: Children's Rights, and Child Advocacy, Government Independent Study Independent Study

Yari Nunez '01
Majors: Psychology and Human Development
PICA Interest: Women in residential substance abuse treatment programs
Bethel Recovery Center, Bridgeport, CT
SIP: Effective Treatment Strategies for Substance Abusing Women Entering Residential Treatment Programs, Human Development Independent Study

Jennifer Platt '01
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: Human Rights
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organizations (UNPO), Washington, DC
SIP: The conditions under which human rights violations are likely to contribute to the disintegration of a state. Case studies: Yugoslavia, Soviet Union (Borer), International Relations Honors Thesis

Christof Putzel '01
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: AIDS in Africa
Nyumbani Orphanage, Nairobi, Kenya
SIP: Advanced Production Workshop, Film Studies Independent Study

Alicia Rinaldi '01
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Feminism, domestic violence, and public policy
Women's Center of Southeastern Connecticut, New London, CT
SIP: Domestic violence policy in the U.S.,, Congressional Policy Responses to Domestic Violence: 1970's – Present,, and The Judiciary, Interpretation, Judicial Review, and Domestic Violence: The Cases of US v. Morrison and Thurman v. the City of Torrington, Government Independent Studies

Alison Roth '01
Major: Sociology-Based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Children and their families coping and living with serious illness
Starlight Children's Foundation, Boston, MA
SIP: The Social Construct of Good Care, Sociology Independent Study and The Culture, Symbolic Communications, and Phenomonology of a Family's Coping with Cancer, Psychology Independent Study

Beth Rudenko '01
Majors: Sociology and Psychology-based Social Relations
PICA Interest: Children and health
Minute Man Early Intervention Program, Concord, MA
SIP: Managing the Challenges of Autism in a Child: The role of illness severity, family resources, and support programs, Psychology Independent Study

Abigail Small '01
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Behavioral and emotional disorders within special education and their role in the educational system
Somersworth Group Home, Somersworth, NH
SIP: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders within the Educational Setting, Sociology Independent Study

Katherine Stokes '01
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Concepts of birthing in America
Ballard House: A Birth Center for Community Wellness, Portland, ME
SIP: Photoethnography and postmodernism, Sociology Independent Study

Kristen Sutley '01
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Societal definitions and constructions of mental illness
McLean-Franciscan Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program, Boston, MA
SIP: A Comparison of College Students With and Without a Mentally Ill Relative in Terms of Family Functioning, Coping, Self-esteem, and Understand of Mental Illness, Psychology Honors Thesis

Kareem Tatum '01
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Dependence, discipline, and self-esteem in children from single-parent and disadvantaged homes
The Friendly House, Worcester, MA
SIP: The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on the Child's Self-esteem, Moods, Depression, Anger/Aggression, and Substance Abuse, Psychology Independent Study

Aaron Taylor '01
Major: Psychology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Adolescent development
LEAP, New London, CT
SIP: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Use of Stimulants in its Treatment, Psychology Independent Study

Ashley Williams '01
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: The social, emotional and cognitive effect of art education in early childhood
Children's Museum of Manhattan, New York, NY
SIP: Implications of Art Education in Early Childhood, Psychology Independent Study