Omolara Alao '02
Major: Zoology
PICA Interest: Health services for under-represented groups in the community
Internship: Health Policy Summer Program - Harvard University Medical School, Boston, MA
SIP: Coping with Intimate Partner Violence: Why Do African-American Women Use More Informal Sources of Support than Formal Support, Sociology Independent Study

Kathryn Baloga '02
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Intersections between personality and therapeutic treatment for substance abuse or eating disorders
Internship: Stonington Institute, North Stonington, CT
SIP: The Personality Characteristics and Substance Use Tendencies of Connecticut College's Outdoor Orientation Program (COOP) Participants, Psychology Honors Thesis

Karen Belley '02
Major: Appropriate Economic Development
PICA Interest: Sustainable development and social change in Central America
Internship: Heifer Project International, Rutland, MA
SIP: The Social Psychology of Economic Development, Psychology Independent Study

Pavel Blagov '02
Majors: Psychology and Neuroscience
PICA Interest: Therapy choice in mental care
Internship: Dr. Patricia Webbink & Associates, P.A., Bethesda, MD
SIP: An Empirical Framework for the Narrative Study of Personality: A Classification and Scoring System for Self-defining Memories and Its Validation with Personality Correlates, Psychology Honors Thesis

Rachel Blumberg '02
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest:
The effects of hospital stays on children's development
Internship: Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA
SIP: Design Issues in Children's Hospitals: The Adolescent Client, Psychology Honors Thesis

Trinity Broderick '02
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest:
Preparing children for hospital stays
Internship: Boston Main Streets: Hyde/Jackson Square, Boston, MA
SIP: Cracking the Test: Unraveling the impact of standards and accountability based education reform on inequities between urban and suburban schools, American Studies Independent Study

Anne Brown '02
Major: Psychology Based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Outdoor programming for at-risk youth
Internship: Obsidian Trails Outdoor School, Bend, OR
SIP: Exploring Wilderness: Rising to the Occasion Narratives and Self-Identity, Psychology Independent Study

Emily Brownell '02
Major: Literature and Social Change
PICA Interest:
Relationship between literature and society
Internship: Georgia O'Keefe Museum, Santa Fe, NM
SIP: Relocation and Reclamation: The Renaissances of Harlem and Sophiatown, English Independent Study

Katrina Chapman '02
Major: English
PICA Interest:
Elderly women and health care policy
Internship: Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), Washington, DC
SIP: Eliminating Poverty Among Older Women: The Need to Establish Equity in Medicare, Government Independent Study

Dana Cialfi '02
Major: Government
PICA Interest:
Title IX: Sex discrimination and athletics
Internship: Pilot Pen Tennis, New Haven, CT
SIP: Athletics in Modern Society: The Effects of 20 th Century Public Policy on Women Sport, Government Independent Study

Lena Eckhoff '02
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest:
Comprehensive, multi-institutional approaches to community projects
Internship: Northfield Mount Herman Upward Bound, Northfield, MA
SIP: Collaborative Community Projects, Sociology Independent Study

Heather Ellis'02
Major: Urban Studies
PICA Interest:
Public Health, Wellness, and Children
Internship: Taunton Reaching Youth and Taunton Public Schools, Taunton, MA
SIP: Examining Community Volunteer Literacy Coalition, Sociology Independent Study

Leslie Feinberg '02
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest:
Young women and body image
Internship: National Association of Anorexia Nervosa, Chicago, IL
SIP: Understanding the Preference for Advertisements Featuring Underweight Models, Psychology Honors Thesis

Katherine Froelicher '02
Majors: Government and Gender and Women's Studies
PICA Interest:
Human Rights and social justice
Internship: League of Women Voters, Washington, DC
SIP: Ideology, the Women's Movements, and Rape Policy in the United States: A New Understanding, Government Honors Thesis

Stuart Katzenberg '02
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest:
Housing rights
Internship: ACORN, Baltimore, MD
SIP: Third Parties in American Politics and Their Outlook, Government Independent Study

Abby Kirschner '02
Major: Architectural Studies
PICA Interest:
Urban Planning and Architecture
Internship: Robinson and Associates, Inc., Washington, DC
SIP: Cohousing in Context: What Past Collectives Reveal About the Recent Trend, Architectural Studies Independent Studies Center, Boston, MA

Marta Magnus '02
Major: Art
PICA Interest:
Art and environmental education for inner city children
Internship: Good Shepard Ministries, Washington, DC
SIP: Mural of Faces Representing Human Relations, Art Honors Study – Drawing

Kate McAlaine '02
Major: Architectural Studies
PICA Interest:
Art and environmental education for inner city children
Internship: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
SIP: Outdoor Public Space as an Avenue for Community Development, Architectural Studies Independent Study

Emily McDonald '02
Major: Gender and Women's Studies
PICA Interest:
Activist Anthropology
Internship: The Cornerstone Foundation, Belize, Central America
SIP: Journey Through AIDS: Women, Inequality, and Meanings of Healing, Gender and Women's Studies Honors Thesis

Melissa Minehan '02
Majors: Economics and Sociology
PICA Interest:
Welfare Reform: Public policy and socio-economics
Internship: Women's Education and Industrial Union and St. Mary's Women and Infant SIP: Teen mothers and their interaction with Welfare Reform, and Why Research Fails?, Sociology Independent Studies

Alexandra Silverthorne '02
Major: Government
PICA Interest:
Governmental protections for children
Internship: Massachusetts Citizens for Children, Boston, MA
SIP: Philosophies and Practices: A Resource on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Connecticut, Government Independent Study

Latrice Walker '02
Major: Government
PICA Interest:
Domestic violence and children
Internship: Queens Criminal and Supreme Court Program - Safe Horizon, Kew Gardens, NY
SIP: The Evolution of Domestic Violence in the Criminal Justice System, Government Independent Study

Abby Whiteside '02
Majors: Psychology and Anthropology
PICA Interest:
Health psychology
Internship: Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Teen Voices, Boston, MA
SIP: A Connection Between Disclosure and Health: Implications for Sickle Cell Patients, Psychology Independent Study

Eric Williamson '02
Major: English
PICA Interest:
Minority juveniles and the court system
Internship: Office of the Public Defender, State of Connecticut Superior Court, New Haven, CT
SIP: A Demand for Improvement: Issues that Affect Human Development, Human Development Independent Study