Sara Bayer '03
Major: Architectural Studies
PICA Interest: Effect of Public Spaces on the Growth of a Community
Internship: Habitat for Humanity, San Francisco, CA
SIP: Design for Habitat for Humanity Museum: A Building Program, Architectural Studies Independent Study

Kendra Dickinson '03
Majors: English and Public Policy, Public Communication and Public Health
PICA Interest: Public Policies of Health and Wellness for Children
Internship: Young People's Center for Creative Arts, Durham, CT
SIP: Health and Wellness of Young Children: A Study of Childhood Immunization on a Global, National, and Local Level, Human Development Independent Study

Lesley Gerberding '03
Major: Urban Studies
PICA Interest: Education
Internship: Amigos de los Ninos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
SIP: Where Do We Go Now? Public Policy vs. Social Theory, Education Independent Study

Julia Hayden '03
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Women's Health Policy
Internship: The Mary-Martha Learning Center, Hingham, MA
SIP: The Transmission of Birth Stories from Mother to Daughter: Mother-Daughter Attachment, Self-Esteem, and Attitudes Towards Childbirth, Psychology Honors Thesis

Elizabeth Huber '03
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Urban Education Policy
Internship Site: Jumpstart, Boston, MA
SIP: Educational Philosophy and Educational Support for Low Income Children: Head Start and Jump Start, Supplement to Education Independent Study

Margo Jones '03
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: Literacy
Internship: Student Coalition for Action and Literacy Education (SCALE), Chapel Hill, NC
SIP: Taken From Tradition: The Navajo Experiences at Indian Boarding Schools, American Studies Honors Thesis

Kathryn Kranz '03
Major: Sociology-Based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Education
Internship: Groton RAFT Center, LEARN, Groton, CT
SIP: Stumbling Upon the Differentiated Classroom, Sociology Independent Study

Courtney Marshall '03
Major: English
PICA Interest: Human Rights
Internship: Oxfam Canada, Vancouver, BC Canada
SIP: The Portrayal of Human Rights Violations in American Literature, English Independent Study

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald '03
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Quality of Care for Pediatric Patients
Internship: Children's AIDS Program, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA
SIP: Multidisciplinary Treatment of Pediatric HIV/AIDS: An Examination of Needs, Treatment, and Policy, Human Development Independent Study

Mawuli Nyaku '03
Major: Biochemistry Cellular and Molecular Biology
PICA Interest: Malnutrition
Internship: The Society for the Needy Foundation, Accra, Ghana
SIP: Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries: An independent study on specific nutrient deficiencies and contributions from rapid population growth, Zoology Independent Study

Michael Pappano '03
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Correlation between Mental Health Problems and Socioeconomic Status
Internship: Mercy Housing Corporation, St. Elizabeth House, Hartford, CT
SIP: The Radicalization of Poverty and the Social Welfare Population and The Effects of Racism on Welfare Recipients and Welfare Policy, Psychology Independent Studies

Kristin Perry '03
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Health Education
Internship: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
SIP: The Internet's Potential as an Effective Source of Sexual Health Information for College Students, Psychology Honors Thesis

Rebecca Reardon '03
Major: Zoology
PICA Interest: Impact of Family on Children's Health
Internship: Families First of the Greater Seacoast, Portsmouth, NH
SIP: The Disparities of Health Care in America: A Study on the Link Between Poverty and Poor Health Nationally and Locally in the New London, Connecticut Area, Zoology Independent Study

Christine D'Addario Salmon '03
Major: Gender and Women's Studies
PICA Interest: Domestic Violence and Public Policy
Internship: Court Appointed Special Advocates of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH
SIP: Child Advocates vs. Domestic Violence Activists? Gender, Power and Motherhood, Gender and Women's Studies Honors Thesis

Samantha Scala '03
Major: English
PICA Interest: Education and Latino Immigrant Communities
Internship Site: Face to Face, Cold Spring, NY
SIP: For Those Who Can Not Out,: Esperanza's Journey, English Independent Study

Emma Sellers '03
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: Social Justice, Race and Youth
Internship: LISTEN, Inc., Washington, DC
SIP: The Function of Race and Class as Social Constructions: An Urban/Suburban Comparison, American Studies Honors Thesis

Catherine Servant '03
Major: Art
PICA Interest: Art and Children
Internship: Pueblo of Pojoaque Boys and Girls Club, Santa Fe, NM
SIP: Art Honors Study – Ceramics/Painting

Mridula Swamy '03
Majors: Economics and Sociology
PICA Interest: Women's Empowerment and Rural Development in India
Internship: Community Services Trust, Salem, Tamil Nadu India
SIP: Identity Transformation through Community Empowerment: The Life Histories of Five Rural Women, Sociology Honors Thesis

Melissa Wender '03
Major: Theater
PICA Interest: Theater Outreach
Internship: Baltimore Playwrights Festival, Baltimore, MD
SIP: Production and Direction of Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man's Blues by Caridad Svich, Theater Independent Study

Sarah Willcox '03
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Children and Learning Environments
Internship: Department of Human Development and Edgerton Elementary School, New London, CT
SIP: Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Play Area at and Urban Priority-School: A Public/Private Partnership and Its Challenges with Wendy Strait, Human Development Independent Study