Marian Cieslak '04
Majors: Government and American Studies
PICA Interest: Refugee Resettlement and U.S. Immigration
Internship: Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, Refugee Services
SIP: Locating Refugee Agency: Hmong, Somali and Liberian Communities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, American Studies Honors Thesis

Tiana Davis '04
Majors: Sociology-based Human Relations and Government
PICA Interest: HIV/AIDS in Africa
Internship: The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
SIP: The Impact of One, The Dream of Many: Learning and Working in the New London Community, An Evaluation of New London Social Services and the Project Advocating Brighter Choices (ABC), Sociology Honors Thesis

Joshua Duclos '04
Major: Philosophy
PICA Interest: How America censors the information given to children
Internship: Higher Achievement Program, Washington, DC
SIP: Who Controls Curriculum? An Enquiry Concerning Educational Authority, American Studies Independent Study

Alexandria Gomes '04
Majors: Sociology-Based Human Relations
PICA Interest: Children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds
Internship: Summer Program in Public Policy and International Affairs, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
SIP: The Impact of One, The Dream of Many: Learning and Working in the New London Community, An Evaluation of New London Social Services and the Project Advocating Brighter Choices (ABC), Sociology Honors Thesis

Chelsea Hanson '04
Major: Religious Studies
PICA Interest:
Development in Muslim Countries
Internship: Central Asia Institute, Bozeman, MT
SIP: Religion and Development: Islamic Responses to Foreign Aid, Religious Studies Independent Study

Sarah Hearn '04
Major: Government
PICA Interest:
Education policy and inequity
Internship: Institute for Education and Social Policy, New York, NY
SIP: Relationship, Risk, and Responsibility: One Woman, One School, One Community, Government Honors Thesis

Sharlene Jeanty '04
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: Urban education policy
Internship: Kidz to the River!, Newton, MA
SIP: The Importance and Effects of Out-of-School Time Programming on Urban Youth Education, American Studies Independent Study

John Mangones '04
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest:
Efficacy of the Wediko summer treatment program
Internship: Wediko Children's Services, Boston, MA
SIP: The Advantages of Using Contextual versus Syndromal Measures in the Assessment of Behavior Change, Psychology Honors Thesis

Sarah Mathisen '04
Major: Biology
PICA Interest:
Science Education for Urban Youth
Internship: Island Wood, Bainbridge Island, WA
SIP: Survival or Exploitation: Nature, Education, and the Human Spirit, Biology Independent Study

Kiera McFadden-Roan '04
Major: Sociology-based Human Relations and French
PICA Interest:
Children and gender roles
Internship: Women's Law Project, Philadelphia, PA
SIP: Interdependence: The Relationship Between the Federal Government and Non-Profit Organizations, Sociology Independent Study

James Rogers '04
Major: American Studies and History
PICA Interest:
Muslim-American Identity
Internship: The Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA
SIP: Enduring the Dream: The Social History of the Promises and Realities of Flight in America, American Studies Honors Thesis

Erika Senneseth '04
Major: Human Development and Women's Studies
PICA Interest:
Impact of popular culture on body image
Internship: Dr. Casas, MD, Ruber Internacional Hospital, Madrid, Spain
SIP: The Mother-Daughter Relationship and the Development of Anorexia: A Look at Spain and the United States, Human Development Independent Study

Mei Li Siaw '04
Major: English
PICA Interest:
Language and literacy in Malaysia
Internship: Social Strategic Foundation, Malaysia
SIP: Language and the Education of the Malaysian Indian Minority, Linguistics Independent Study

Thea Suchodolski '04
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest:
Hospice care for children
Internship: Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, Philadelphia, PA
SIP: Supporting Families During Health Crises: Environment and Programmatic Factors at a Pediatric 'Home-Away-From-Home' Facility, Human Development Honors Thesis