Jessica Bayner '07
Majors: English and Multicultural Medicine & Communication, Concentration: Hispanic Society
PICA Interest: Bilingualism in healthcare
Internships: J.R. Medical, Bay Shore, NY, and Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico
Senior Integrative Project: Comunicación: Exploring Language and Cultural Barriers in Healthcare, Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Major Thesis

Avery Block '07
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Quality of life and self-care of college students with Type 1 diabetes
Internship: Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: College Students Who Have Type I Diabetes: An Investigation of Which Variables Most Influence Quality of Life and Ability to Care for Oneself in a College Environment, Psychology Thesis

Jessica Cheitlin '07
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Children's literacy
Internship: Kingsley Montessori School, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Preventing Illiteracy from the Beginning: The relationship between Home, Family, Schools, and Children's Emergent Literacy Development, Human Development Independent Study

James Coffey '07
Major: English
PICA Interest: How local community organizations seek justice by calling for long-term, systemic solutions to problems
Internship: Common Ground Collective, New Orleans, LA
Senior Integrative Project: New Orleans: The Making and Unmaking of Classrooms, Capstone Course

Jacqueline Crowley '07
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Gender and AIDS
Internship: Council of Women World Leaders and The Global AIDS Alliance, Washington, DC
Senior Integrative Project: A film entitled, The World Cannot Wait: Women, Power, and AIDS, Government Independent Study

Jennifer Dillon '07
Major: International Relations
PICA Interest: Voter mobilization within the Latino community
Internship: Courtney for Congress, Vernon, CT
Senior Integrative Project: The Soccer Moms and NASCAR Dads of the 21st Century. The rising influence of the Latino voter: A study of voter mobilization and electoral trends in the Latino community, Government Independent Study

Kara Emery '07
Majors: Psychology and Italian
PICA Interest: The immediate and long-term impact of residential treatment on disturbed/troubled/at-risk kids and adolescents
Internship: Kolob Canyon, New Harmony, UT
Senior Integrative Project: The Long-term Impact of Short-term Residential Treatment for Troubled Youth, Psychology Independent Study

Kevin Finefrock '07
Majors: History and Government
PICA Interest: Immigrant education in Manchester, New Hampshire, racialization of white ethnic groups, the relationship between language and assimilation
Internship: Lutheran Social Services of Northern New England - Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Program, Concord, NH
Senior Integrative Project: Neither Peasants Nor Frenchmen: Racialization, Immigration, and Industrialization in the Franco-American Community of Manchester, New Hampshire, 1880-1930, History Honors Thesis

Alexandra Funk '07
Major: Math
PICA Interest: Education policy and standardized testing
Internship: Vermont Department of Education, Montpelier, VT
Senior Integrative Project: Assessing Assessment, Education Independent Study

Fred Kemper '07
Majors: Government and Economics
PICA Interest: Governmental policy and legislation; Veterans' Benefits
Internship: State of NJ, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Lawrenceville, NJ
Senior Integrative Project: Veteran's Benefits in the United States: Current Issues Facing Veteran's Care, Government Independent Study

Whitney Longworth '07
Major: Film in Contemporary Social and Political Context
PICA Interest: Gender inequalities and Film
Internship: NYC Commission on Women's Issues, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project: Working Women & Domestic Fatherhood in Film, Film Independent Study

Aimee Martin '07
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Education public policy on teaching acceptance in elementary education
Internship: GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), Washington, DC
Senior Integrative Project: Do Bullying Laws Work? The Effectiveness of Bullying Legislation in Southeastern Connecticut Middle Schools, Government Independent Study

Molly McConaty '07
Major: Government
PICA Interest: Political communication and media's impact on society
Internship: CBS Sports, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project: Women in Sports Broadcasting, Government Independent Study

Casey Osborn '07
Major: Integrative Studies in West African Culture and Development
PICA Interest: Human rights of female migrant workers in Mali
Internship: Appui à la Promotion des Aides Familiales, Muso Danbé and Centre de Référence de la Commune II Protection Maternelle et l'Infantine, Bamako, Mali
Senior Integrative Project: Displaced Rights: The Social Consequences of Unwanted Pregnancy among Female Migrant Workers in Mali, Self-designed Interdisciplinary Major Thesis

Soraya Palmer '07
Majors: English and Africana Studies
PICA Interest: Gender inequality and gender expression/discrimination in U.S. public policy
Internship: The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project: The Tyranny of Silence in the Black Community: Intersections of Race and Sexuality, Gender & Women's Studies Independent Study

Duncan Rollason '07
Major: Psychology-based Human Relations
PICA Interest: How stigma of HIV influences health practices
Internship: Knysna AIDS Council, Knysna, South Africa
Senior Integrative Project: Healthcare Professional's Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and Attitude Towards Affected Persons in South Africa and the United States, Psychology Independent Study

Shari Schultz '07
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Educational policy in South Africa
Internship: Center for African Education, New York, NY
Senior Integrative Project: South Africa's Racial Integration Policy: The Rainbow Nation and Its Schools, Human Development Independent Study

Tessa Schultz '07
Majors: Theater and Hispanic Studies
PICA Interest: Community theatre for inner-city youth
Internship: All Stars Project, Inc., New York, NY, and Noski Productions, Madrid, Spain
Senior Integrative Project: An Evaluation of Arts-Based Youth Organizations in Meeting Stated Missions, Theater Independent Study

Lisa Warren '07
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Museum programming and access for the underserved
Internship: Boston Children's Museum, Boston, MA
Senior Integrative Project: Against the Wind: A look at schooling, culture, identity and the plight of marginalized adolescents, Capstone Course

Alice Watson '07
Majors: Sociology-based Human Relations and Gender and Women's Studies
PICA Interest: Domestic violence prevention
Internship: DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Washington, DC
Senior Integrative Project: Counseling Models in Women Centers: Focusing on Women Defined Advocacy to Explore Issues of Effective Implementation, Power dynamics, Race relations, and New Policy Ideas, Capstone Course

Lauren Welch '07
Major: Anthropological Understanding of Human Rights
PICA Interest: Gender based violence among African Refugees
Internship: International Rescue Committee, Boston, MA, and Global Volunteer Network, Ghana
Senior Integrative Project: When Tradition and Violence Collide: A Cross Cultural Look at Gender-based Violence on Post-conflict African Refugee Camps, Anthropology Thesis

Ingrid Wenzler '07
Major: English
PICA Interest: How identity, personal history, and national history inform narratives
Internship: South Carolina Historical Society, Charleston, SC
Senior Integrative Project: In the Old Country & Other Stories, English Independent Study

Katherine Williams '07
Major: Mathematics
PICA Interest: Hiring and evaluation practices within the public education system/ studying the school systems in Connecticut
Internship: St. Monica School, Sunbury, PA, and The Education Policy and Leadership Center, Harrisburg, PA
Senior Integrative Project: Latino Student Collaboration and Parent Teacher Achievement, Capstone Course