Charlotte Allard ‘09

Major: Human Development

PICA Interest: Family Planning

Internship: Rhode Island Department of Health, Family Health

Senior Integrative Project: Teenage Parenthood, Human Development Independent Study

Stephanie Apuzzo ‘09

Major: Biological Sciences

PICA Interest: Access to maternity healthcare

Internship: Project Baby, Boston, MA

Senior Integrative Project: Alternative Healthcare Models and Their Impact on Local Communities, Hispanic Studies Independent Study

Hayley Bentley ‘09

Major: Government

PICA Interest: Access to higher education for low-income students

Internship: Council for Opportunity in Education, Washington, DC

Senior Integrative Project: Access to Higher Education: Dollars, Information, and Relationships, Government Honors Thesis

Andrea Burt ‘09

Majors: Government and Development as Empowerment

PICA Interest: Organ Trafficking

Internship: Gomez Mazzei Foundation, Paraguay

Senior Integrative Project: Organs for Sale: Analysis of the Legalization of the Black Market, Anthropology Independent Study

Lisa Cloonan ‘09

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

PICA Interest: International HIV/AIDS policy in South Africa

Internship: Boston Consortium for Gender, Security and Human Rights, Boston, MA

Senior Integrative Project: Investigating HIV/AIDS Epidemic in South Africa and the United States of America, History Independent Study

Matthew Daskal '09

Majors: History and Sociology

PICA Interest: Emergency and disaster preparedness and response

Internship: Wethersfield Town Clerk’s Office, Wethersfield, CT

Senior Integrative Project: Historical Analysis of Hurricanes in New England, History Independent Study

Heather Day ‘09

Major: American Studies

PICA Interest: Activism and advocacy potential in hip-hop especially in breaking cycles of violence

Internship: Art Start, New York, NY

Senior Integrative Project: Hip-Hop as an Educational and Rehabilitative Tool for Working with Youth, American Studies Honors Thesis

Eric Dooley-Feldman ‘09

Major: Anthropology

PICA Interest: Sustainable community development

Internship: Federation of Damanhur, Italy

Senior Integrative Project: Connecticut College Windmill Feasibility Study, Physics Independent Study

Matthew Fairman '09

Major: Government

PICA Interest: Civil Liberties during times of national crisis

Internship: Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Boston, MA

Senior Integrative Project: The Restriction of Civil Liberties during Times of National Crisis: Patterns and Change, Government Thesis

Jenna Fitch ‘09

Major: Environmental Studies

PICA Interest: Water resource conservation/sustainability

Internship: Lake Champlain Committee, Burlington, VT

Senior Integrative Project: Is our society sustainable? Government and Environmental Studies Capstone Course

Randy Fixman ‘09

Major: Government

PICA Interest: Due process and the Judicial System

Internship: U.S. District Court, Baton Rouge, LA

Senior Integrative Project: Policy, Politics and Property Rights: Kelo and the Future of Private-to-Private Eminent Domain Takings, Government Independent Study

Kristen Hackett ‘09

Major: Anthropology

PICA Interest: How global mass media creates and perpetuates misunderstanding

Internship: The Indypendent, New York, NY

Senior Integrative Project: Global Media's Contribution to the Construction of the Other: The Case of the Arab, Human Development Independent Study

Sarah Hargrove ‘09

Majors: Human Development and Psychology

PICA Interest: Families’ decisions on the selection and use of treatments and interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Internship: University of Pennsylvania Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research, Philadelphia, PA

Senior Integrative Project: The Impact of Family Processes on Children’s Risk for Pervasive Development Disorder, Human Development Independent Study

Tristan Husby ‘09

Major: Classics

PICA Interest: Philosophical justifications for war in contemporary America and Ancient Athens

Internship: National Office of War Resisters Leagues, New York, NY

Senior Integrative Project: Justice and the Justification of War in Ancient Greece, Classics Honors Thesis

Katharine Meyers ‘09

Majors: Religious Studies and History

PICA Interest: The presence and impact of religious organizations in the LGBTQ civil rights movement

Internship: Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA

Senior Integrative Project: Incorporation of Queer Leaders in the Episcopal Church Based on UUA’s Success, Religious Studies Honors Thesis

Julia Norton ‘09

Majors: International Relations and German Studies

PICA Interest: Education and the integration of immigrant youth in Germany

Internship: Research Center for Integration and Migration, University of Education Freiburg, Germany,

Senior Integrative Project: The Relationship between Religion and Politics in Germany and its Impact on Education, Integration and Muslim, Immigrant Youth, Government Independent Study

Carolyn Roose ‘09

Majors: Government and Dance

PICA Interest: Sustainable Development with a focus on Environmental Equity

Internship: Greenbelt Alliance, San Francisco, CA

Senior Integrative Project: Sustainable Agricultural Development, Government Capstone Course

Emily Rosenfeld ‘09

Major: Government and Gender and Women’s Studies

PICA Interest: Effects of public policy on women’s reproductive rights

Internship: Youth Vision Zambia

Senior Integrative Project: The Effects of Women's Mobilization Movements in Shaping US Public Policy in the Area of Reproductive Health Rights, Gender and Women’s Studies Honors Thesis

Ashley Ryall ‘09

Major: Sociology Based Human Relations

PICA Interest: Does media influence female college students' body image and self-esteem? If so, how?

Internship: Zing Communications, Australia

Senior Integrative Project: How Media Images can be Destructive to College Women’s Body Image and Self-esteem through an Analysis of Intervention Programs, Psychology Independent Study

Rebecca Saxon ‘09

Major: American Studies

PICA Interest: Impact of government and public policy on access to reproductive health in the United States

Internship: Planned Parenthood, Atlanta, GA

Senior Integrative Project: Access to Abortion in the United States, American Studies Independent Study

Stephanie Winter ‘09

Major: English

PICA Interest: The effect of language on policy and people

Internship: Child Advocacy/Women’s Rights, Washington, DC

Senior Integrative Project: Bilingual Education in Private and Public Schools, Education Independent Study