Class of 2015 PICA Scholars

Alexis Adams-Clark

Major: Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies
PICA Interest: Psychological factors underlying domestic violence and successful interventions

Patrick Dermody
Major: Economics
PICA Interest: City politics and community efforts to revitalize struggling neighborhoods

Cassandra Desjourdy
Major: Psychology and English
PICA Interest: Integrating an understanding of childhood disorders with the law and educational reform

Sara Gleason
Major: Psychology
PICA Interest: Psychological effects of being orphaned by AIDS

Julia Goldman
Major: Environmental Studies and Government
PICA Interest: Encouraging positive food choices for children

Renna Gottlieb
Major: Gender and Women’s Studies
PICA Interest: Encouraging leadership, education, and empowerment for young girls in local schools

Andrea Levinsky
Major: Human Development
PICA Interest: Educational policy and, specifically, how standardized education affects students

Molly Longstreth
Major: Religious Studies
PICA Interest: The role that faith-based institutions and religious discourse at the federal level on the domestic abolitionist movement, specifically sex trafficking

Jae Majors
Major: Gender and Women’s Studies
PICA Interest: Alcohol abuse and LGBTQ students

Jamie McKaie
Major: Gender and Women’s Studies
PICA Interest: The effects of immigration policies on Latino students and empowering students to be involved in educational reform

Cesar Moran
Major: Architectural Studies
PICA Interest: Encouraging media literacy for local youth in order to help youth critically evaluate and use media for positive change

Michael Murgo
Major: Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies
PICA Interest: Understanding and combatting psychological origins of homophobic and transphobic prejudice

Molly Pachay
Major: Sociology
PICA Interest: Educational policy and reform related to injustice and how the presence of mainly white teachers and authority figures affects school performance, attitudes toward education, and identity for students of color

Meg Robbins
Major: Environmental Studies
PICA Interest: Community-based sanitation efforts in slum communities

Bria Sawyer
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: Urban educational reform

Telayah Sturdivant
Major: Art History and Sociology
PICA Interest: Giving poor people of color the opportunity to express their repressed experiences through art

Leah Swinson
Major: History
PICA Interest: Cross-cultural inequalities within public education systems resulting from historical trends of exclusion based on social and economic factors

Janil Tejada
Major: History and International Relations
PICA Interest: Historical evolution and current policies of ESL programs in the United States

Zakiya Thomas
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
PICA Interest: Public health and increasing cancer screening behaviors in minority groups

Bettina Weiss
Major: American Studies
PICA Interest: Women’s roles in American history and how legislation, public policy, and social media have impacted women’s current place in society

Kimberly Yu
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
PICA Interest: The cultural stigma surrounding eating disorders and potential biological causes of eating disorders

Paige Ziplow
Major: Environmental Studies
PICA Interest: Renewable energy, specifically solar cookers, and equipping people in rural South America with sustainable technology, knowledge, and social justice

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