Class of 2016 Certificate Students


Members of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment Class of 2016.
Back row, l-r: Jessica Wright, Natalie Calhoun, Aly Cheney, Olivia Rabbitt, Emily MacGibeny, Caitlin Persa, Maia Draper-Reich and Cian Fields Front Row, l-r: Marina Stuart, Emma Rotner, Anna Marshall and Matt Luciani
Juniors continue to participate in the Certificate Seminar ES 395.Designed to help prepare students for their internships and senior integrative projects, the seminar provides juniors an opportunity to present their proposals to students and faculty. It also offers in-depth discussion of current environmental issues with invited speakers, and the opportunity to share information among students with diverse backgrounds.

Juniors take the additional courses that they have selected to prepare for their internships and projects. Many students study away for one semester so they are encouraged to select a location with courses that will augment their program of studies in the Center. Finally, they submit their internship learning agreements for approval, and prepare to leave for their summer work with a variety of organizations in different states and abroad.

Natalie Calhoun

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Municipal waste management, landfill divergence strategies and waste energy solutions

Aly Cheny

Majors: Environmental Studies and Economics
Environmental Interest: Carbon values of American forests - United Nations REDD methods

Mai Draper-Reich

Majors: Biology and Dance
Environmental Interest: Relationships between arctic communities, scientists and policy makers

Cian Fields

Major: Economics
Environmental Interest: Auto industry policy and environmental impacts

Matt Luciani

Major: History
Environmental Interests: Environmental racism towards Southwest, U.S. Native Americans

Emily MacGibeny

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Traditional ecological knowledge and the relation to biodiversity & environmental awareness 

Anna Marshall

Majors: Environmental Studies and Anthropology
Environmental Interest: Enviromental impacts of dam removal

Caitlin Persa

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Intersection of art and alternative energy

Olivia Rabbitt

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Economic and social structures of permaculture

Emma Rotner

Majors: Environmental Studies and International Relations
Environmental Interest: Environmental and social justice issues with mining and development

Marina Stuart

Major: Environmental Studies
Environmental Interest: Accessibility and efficacy of science writing

Jessica Wright

Major: Biology
Environmental Interest: Potential comparability of environmental and animal welfare activism 

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