Freshman Seminars

First-year seminars are small, intensive and highly personalized.

As an incoming freshman, which freshman seminar would you choose? View the fall 2013 freshman seminars offered to the Class of 2017.

The topics can range from Socrates to spirituality, from the Renaissance to life in the 60's. Small, intensive and highly personalized, the freshman seminars expand the opportunities for you as a first-year student to engage intellectually with your peers and the faculty.

Within a specific course topic, each seminar teaches you to synthesize information, formulate arguments, write clearly, speak well and participate in discussion and debate. Class size is limited, to encourage interaction among students and between students and faculty.

The freshman seminars are designed to help you develop the critical skills of liberal arts education that freshmen need for success in college and beyond. The seminars also nurture the close student-faculty relationships that are a hallmark of the Connecticut College experience.