Students of Russian and their professor, Andrea Lanoux (far right), visited the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.
Students of Russian and their professor, Andrea Lanoux (far right), visited the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Connecticut College established the Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC) program to provide students in a variety of English-language courses the opportunity to participate in an optional section taught in a foreign language. This program helps bring diverse perspectives to a broad range of subjects.

All of the foreign language sections are offered on an optional basis for an additional course credit. 

View the Language Study at Connecticut College brochure to learn more about the 11 languages, and linguistics, Language Fellows, the Language and Culture Center, and more. View the College Catalog for programs of study and full descriptions of these FLAC courses.

During the Fall 2015 semester, there are 12 FLAC sections being offered in 7 different languages in Anthopology, Environmental Studies, History, International Relations, Linguistics, Slavic Studies, Italian Studies, and the Sophomore Research seminar. They include:

Ant 411 (f) Ethnographic Film (French – Catherine Benoit)

ECO 212 (f) Environmental Economics (Chinese – Wei Zhang)

HIS 114 (f) Latin American and Caribbean History (Spanish- Leo Garofalo)

ITA 409 (f) Late Renaissance: Science, Art, and Religion (Italian- Robert Proctor)

LIN 202 (f) Syntax (Chinese- Tek-Wah King)

SLA 145 (f) The Net Generation (Polish – Tony Lin)

SLA 165 (f) From Russia with Love (Russian – Laura Little)

SRS 29A (f): Cases and History of Inequality (Spanish- Leo Garofalo)

SRS 29A (f): Cases and History of Inequality (French -Natalie Etoke)


So far, for Spring 2016, there are FLAC sections in courses in Anthropology, Biology, East Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, History, and International Relations, including:

ANT 104F Introduction to Anthropology (French - Benoit)

ANT 258 Ethnography of Europe (Black - Italian)

BIO 208F Genetics (Spanish – Kushigian)

HIS 278F Daoist Traditions (Classical Chinese- Queen)

HIS 233F Global China (Chinese - Queen)

ES 299F Topics in Environmental Studies (Spanish –Lizarralde)

GOV 225F States and Markets in East Asia (Chinese - Tian)

GOV 348F International Political Economy (Chinese - Tian)

GOV 494EF Emerging Market Economies (Chinese –Tian)

ANT 232F Security, Trafficking, and Violence (Spanish – Bennett)

ANT 411F Ethnographic Film and Filmmaking (French – Benoit)

EAS/HIS 222F World War II and Post-War Japan (Japanese – Watanabe)

GIS/GWS/GERMAN 257 The Refugee Crisis in Europe (German - Machtans)