Nathalie Etoke, assistant professor of French and Africana Studies, teaches French and specializes in Francophone cultures.

Engaging in cross-cultural and transnational teaching and research

Our diverse faculty members represent varied cultures and backgrounds. They collaborate with students to reach outside accepted ideas and study new world arenas.

Faculty and students often find intellectual partners across campus, where the study of related subjects takes place in a range of disciplines. For example, for students interested in Chinese language and culture, we have a Chinese historian, a Chinese art historian and an ethnomusicologist who focuses on China. Other faculty in government, philosophy, dance and religious studies — and of course East Asian languages and cultures — are interested in Chinese culture, thought and philosophy. 

Recent faculty research interests

  • The struggle to implement a sexual harassment policy in Pakistan
  • Pension and healthcare reforms in Latin America
  • Political change and consolidation in Iraq
  • Economies of developing countries
  • Fascism, kitsch and historical film in Spain
  • Labor migration in contemporary China
  • Early modern and modern Japan
  • Art of Africa, Oceania and Native America
  • Religion in South Asia
  • Anthropology of gardens and landscape in St. Martin, Haiti, Guadeloupe
  • The practice of pastiche in France
  • Biochemistry of bioluminescence with Italian researchers
  • Environmental politics in Vietnam and the former USSR
  • Loss, mourning and survival in Africa, America and the Caribbean
  • Immigration, post-Colonial French identities, French Hip Hop
  • Development of Catholic identity in early modern southern and western Germany
  • Drug trafficking, violence and organized crime in Brazil
  • Russian in the Arab world and the modern hajj
  • Ethnobotany and the relationship of Latin Americans to the environment