Knowlton Language House

Knowlton House, international residence hall at Connecticut College

In Knowlton Language House, the international residence hall, students have the opportunity to learn about and explore many different cultures and languages in a relaxed, cooperative environment. The residence’s success is a result of the collective effort of the students who live there to promote cultural and linguistic diversity in their everyday lives.

Knowlton dining hall features various language tables; you can dine while chatting with native speakers. Anyone from the campus community can participate in these mealtime discussions. It’s a great place to improve your proficiency in a foreign language in a casual yet immersive learning environment. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the language tables will be located in the 1973 Room in Harris Refectory, due to the Shain Library renovation

As part of the College’s goal to foster a globally diverse campus, Knowlton is to become a hub for international programs and activities. The new Mellon Initiative will support the development of the two adjacent Knowlton Common Rooms into a student center for international seminars and a place for friends to gather.

A major new focus of the initiative, to further cultural immersion, is for the common rooms to be a place where students can practice languages, watch international films and programs, study, and communicate with friends and family abroad via Skype. This new space will contain foreign language magazines, DVDs and board games and have satellite television feeds for watching foreign language news, sports and other programs.