Over half of Connecticut College juniors study around the world through carefully selected College-approved study abroad programs, as well as through the College's own Study Away/Teach Away programs (SATA).

Whether you choose a SATA program or from the wide selection of College-approved programs in dozens of countries, all programs are designed to meet the majority of students' academic and lingustic needs, and to provide them with an exceptional international experience. Students can begin planning for a study abroad experience during their sophomore year by using the suggested timelines.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Study Away with any questions about studying abroad, the application process and general assistance in selecting a program.

Study Away/Teach Away - SATA

Interested in a semester of learning and adventure abroad in the company of other Connecticut College students and a professor?

Through the College's own SATA programs, students join their professors in an unique educational study abroad experience designed to enhance a student's knowledge and appreciation of political, economic and social systems significantly different from their own. SATA programs offer a perfect balance of academics, adventure, community and independence!