For exceptional scholarship and community activism

The Anna Lord Strauss medal is presented to a senior who has done outstanding work in public or community service, including service to the College.

Anna Lord Strauss was a remarkable woman who held five presidential appointments to national and international committees and missions and served as a Connecticut College trustee for the extraordinary term of 32 years.

She was named by President Truman in 1951 as executive vice chairman of the President's Commission on Internal Security and Individual Rights and appointed to the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations Sixth General Assembly meeting in Paris in 1951. She was President of the National League of Women Voters and served on the National Council of Negro Women's Educational Fund, the National Institute of Public Affairs and the Fair Campaign Practices Committee.

Recent recipients of the Anna Lord Strauss medal:

2016 Taryn Kitchen
2015 Andrea Luna
2014 Gabrielle Paige Arenge
2013 Marline Sharron Johnson
2012 Jazmin Long
2011 Celia C. Whitehead
2010 Stefanie Jane Hinman
2009 Heather Day
2008 Sandro Aguilar
2007 H. Duncan Rollason
2006 Ely Dominguez
2005 Phillip Gedeon
2004 Tiana Davis
2003 Elli Nagai-Rothe
2002 Marta Magnus
2001 Tammie Clayton
2000 Tauheeda Muhammad
1999 Freda Ampofo
1998 Maya Falck