American Studies Book Reviews 2013

Sugar in the Blood, American Studies Book Reviews 2013In 2010, the American Studies advanced seminar, "The Globalization of American Culture," launched a new book review project aimed to keep students, faculty and alumni up to date with new works in the field of American Studies. Each student reads a recently published book in American Studies or a related discipline and writes an essay commenting on its overall contribution to the field, its use of interdisciplinary methodology, and its potential use in other courses at Connecticut College. In some cases, students contact the author and include the author's insights in their reviews.

In particular, the 2013 seminar students highly recommend reading "Sugar in the Blood: A Family's Story of Slavery and Empire" by Andrea Stuart. This work was reviewed by Rasheed Mitchell, and he notes the striking analysis of race and gendered issues, both of which are significantly salient to the past, present and future of American Studies and the globalizing world.

As the author writes, this book is "more than a family history: it is a global story, too—one that fixes its gaze on the connections between continents, between black and white men and women, the free and the enslaved—demonstrating that the individual is not just a victim of global history, but an author of it as well." 

American Sniper, by Chris Kyle, reviewed by Alex Marz

Becoming Right, by Amy Binder and Kate Wood, reviewed by Jeanna Dunleavy

Crazy U , by Charles Andrew Ferguson, reviewed by Dawson Luke

Detroit: An American Autopsy, by Charles LeDuff, reviewed by Kelli Bannister

Detroit: An American Autopsy , by Charles LeDuff, reviewed by Chloe Spitalny

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power‌, by Rachel Maddow, reviewed by Paige McClatchy

George Anderson, by Peter Dimock, reviewed by Dan Moorin

The Missile Next Door, by Gretchen Heefner, reviewed by Ellie Leahy

Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, reviewed by Elizabeth Kaplan

Review of Rez Life, by David Treuer, reviewed by Cameron Flaherty

Sick From Freedom, by James Downs, reviewed by Devon Elovitz

Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, reviewed by Raymond Hawkins

Sugar in the Blood, by Andrea Stuart, reviewed by Rasheed Mitchell

Swimming Studies, by Leanne Shapton, reviewed by Matt Newton

Watergate, by Thomas Mallon, reviewed by Anne Fierberg