American Studies Course Sequence

The introductory courses for the American Studies major are taught by several different instructors, thus the emphases and syllabi will differ accordingly.

American Studies 201: Introduction to American Studies

AMS 201 is offered every term. Several different instructors teach the course and naturally their emphases and syllabi differ. Depending on which instructor is teaching, the course also counts for different areas of the General Education requirements.

The course is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of American culture and society. It introduces students to the history of the American Studies movement, its current debates and literature. Readings are organized around two questions or themes: Who is an American? And where is America? Other issues include race, class, gender, sexuality, borderlands, disability studies, citizenship and transnationalism. This is the same course as English 219. The emphasis and syllabus can change depending on the research interests and teaching background of the professor.

The schedule for instruction, as well as the GE area the course fulfills, is:

American Studies 206: Theorizing Race and Ethnicity

AMS 206 is the signature course of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity and is taught by the director once a year. Like AMS 201, its emphasis and syllabus can change, depending on the research interests and teaching background of the director of CCSRE.

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