Honors/Independent Study

As an Architectural Studies major, you will complete an integrative project during your senior year. This might take the form of an internship, a semester-long independent study project, or a year-long honors thesis. Whichever route you choose, your goal is to work on a substantive project that reflects the particular path you have taken through the major and that integrates the insights you have gleaned from your Architectural Studies courses in various departments.

If you pursue an internship, this could be in the office of an architect, landscape architect, or interior designer. It could be in a city planning office or with an historic preservation organization. It could be with an historical society or a house museum. Independent study projects and honors theses have been equally varied, from an historical study of the architecture and display techniques at three museums associated with the Guggenheim family; to the development of a workbook that introduces third-graders to the principles of sustainable design; to a guidebook that interprets recent memorials.

To view PowerPoint presentations on recent integrative projects, visit the Architectural Studies Integrative Projects page at http://digitalcommons.conncoll.edu/arthistory/.

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