Student Experience

Here is what current students and recent grads have to say about their experiences as Architectural Studies majors.

Kathyrn Hargis '05
"The Architectural Studies major offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to explore in many departments on and off of the Connecticut College campus. I was able to complete major requirements by taking courses in Economics, Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and an engineering course at the Coast Guard Academy. I studied architecture in Copenhagen, art and art history in Florence, and completed an internship program at the Guggenheim in Venice.

There is a variety of directions you can take in completing the major requirements so as to meet your interests. I became particularly intrigued by museums during my studies abroad and, with Abby's guidance, was able to structure my honors thesis to allow me to explore display methods and the museum as a building type. Abby and Joe are stimulating and enthusiastic professors who are eager to help you challenge yourself.

The major also allows you the possibility to complete additional minors, certificate programs, and majors within your four years, if you plan ahead. I graduated with honors in Architectural Studies, minors in Art and Art History, and a Museum Studies Certificate.

Since graduating in 2005 I have worked for a private art appraisal company and a Medieval art dealer."

Joss Kiely '05
"The Architectural Studies program at Conn grabbed my interest because of its broad approach to studying the built environment. I never had any intention of becoming an architect — I was first and foremost a French major interested in urban planning — but enjoyed the extensive architectural history courses offered. As my four years at Conn progressed, my increasing focus on architecture really framed my experience, often in ways I only realized later. Thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, during my junior year in Paris I was able to take courses in photography and the history of Paris through architecture and urbanism. The following summer took me to Beirut to do an architectural internship for Solidere, the company charged with redeveloping the central city which had been devastated by Lebanon's 16-year civil war. During the fall of my senior year, Professor Van Slyck's seminar on the Cultural Landscape of State Street in New London brought exciting and immense challenges and really pushed me to reflect on the connections between people, the landscape, and the architecture of a small city — issues that I still think about today.

As it turns out, a short two years after graduation I am in the 3-year Master of Architecture program at the University of Michigan. Although I never thought I'd be doing this, it has been the best decision of my life. Currently six months into the program, I have already made many connections to and pulled much from my liberal arts background in French literature and Architectural Studies at Connecticut College."

Emma Tang '08
"Because of the integrative nature of the architectural studies major, it is possible to focus on the area of architecture that interests you most, whether it's the design aspects, architectural history, or sciences, like physics or environmental studies. I love the fact that I can pick and choose the classes offered in the department that really fit in with what I want to do after I graduate. The major caters to each person's individual interests, which is really the most important thing that one can gain from any major."

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