Film Production Equipment/Facilities

Digital Cameras

9x Canon XF100 cameras kits (include Manfrotto tripod, shoulder mount, shotgun mic, lav mics, headphones, cables and other accessories)

1x Canon 5D Mark3

16MM Cameras

7x K100 Kodak 16mm camera kits (which include Sekonic light meters and tripods)

Lights(assembled into various kits):

12x Lowel 500w Omni lights

4x Lowel 1000w DP lights

5x Lowel 200w Pro-lights

3x Lowel 750w Tota lights

1x Lowel Rifa soft light box

1x Arri Fresnel kit (includes150, 300, and 650 watt lights)

Lights are checked out in kits with barndoors, scrims, stands and sandbags


5x Zoom H2 recorder kit with lav and xlr mics

1x Advanced Wireless Audio/Camera accessories kit


1x Matthews doorway dolly with softwheels or 16 feet of track

2x Glidecam rigs

1x Manfrotto folding tripod dolly

Post-Production Facilities

Connecticut College provides Film Studies students with 24/7 access to both of our postproduction labs. These facilities are limited to students currently enrolled in production classes or approved independent projects, and are not shared with the general campus population, so access is readily available. Our 10 Apple computers run Final Cut Pro and a variety of other postproduction and screenwriting programs.

Our primary postproduction lab also functions as a production classroom, a communal creative space for students to work on their ideas together, and screening room where students can project their work in HD. The Advanced lab provides online editing capabilities with a 50 inch HD plasma screen for color correction.

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