The following is a sample list of various courses that a student might take in Global Islamic Studies:

GIS 102 Introduction to Global Islamic Studies

GIS 214 Islamic Traditions

GIS/HIS 337 Jews and Muslims in Europe

GIS/REL 315 Israel

GIS/GOV 238 Middle East Politics

GIS/GIS 349 Islam in Global Politics

GIS/GOV 494Z The Iraq War

GIS/ENG 137 Fictions of Empire

FYS Inventing World Religions

GIS/SOC 400 Sociology of Globalization

GIS/GER 262 The Refugee Crisis in Europe: The Case of Germany

GIS/ENG 204 Nomads, Shamans, and Mystics

GIS/REL 252 Islam and the United States

View the college catalog for a complete and current list of courses.