Invigorating faculty research

Art history faculty members are actively involved in scholarly activities that invigorate their own intellectual lives in and out of the classroom, including:

  • An exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and an accompanying book called Wired: Portraits by Alexander Calder
  • An edited volume on Perspectives on Africa: A Reader in Culture, History and Representation
  • Participation in a faculty seminar on art and archaeology in Gansu, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in southwestern China
  • A book called A Manufactured Wilderness: Summer Camps and the Making of American Youth, 1890-1960
  • Archaeological investigations of a Cistercian monastery in Stimfalia, Greece
  • Public lectures on the art of Leonardo da Vinci

Faculty-student research at the undergraduate level

Equally important, art history faculty members are committed to partnering with students in the creation and sharing of new knowledge. At many institutions, this kind of partnership is considered a privilege reserved for graduate students. At Connecticut College, we consider it an essential component of the undergraduate experience.

In recent years, for instance, students accompanied Professor Joseph Alchermes to Greece, where they learned to record the tumbled remains of the monastery at Zaraka. Closer to home, students have contributed to several exhibitions, including "The Nut Museum: Visionary Art of Elizabeth Tashjian" (at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum), "Commerce and Culture: Architecture and Society on New London's State Street" (also at the Lyman Allyn), and "Masters of Twentieth-Century Chinese Art" in the College's Charles Chu Reading Room.

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