Health Professions Advisory Committee Interview

During the year in which you intend to apply to medical, veterinary or dental school, you must make arrangements with the Health Professions Adviser to be interviewed by the Connecticut College Health Professions Advisory Committee and a member of the Connecticut College Board of Medical Practitioners. These interviews are conducted in the spring semester starting in February. The Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty members and the Board is made up of practicing physicians in the New London area.

These interviews serve a dual purpose. Information gathered by the committee and board members can be used for an overall letter of recommendation, which the college provides to medical schools (most request or require such a letter). You must be interviewed by the committee to get a committee letter. The interview also provides the student with valuable practice for actual medical school interviews (the committee and board members give feedback to students on their performance.)


  1. Register for and collect letters with INTERFOLIO,, our online credentials managing company. (see the above Letters of Recommendation section for more complete information on Interfolio and special codes for pre-health students.)
  2. Obtain a minimum of three recommendations: two from science faculty and one from a non-science faculty. It is recommended you submit more than three; these may come from employers and/or internship experiences.

    All original recommendations should be at your INTERFOLIO account by February 21st and they must be confidential.

  3. Write your personal statement for the AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service), VMCAS (Veterinary Medical College Application Service) or ADEA AADSAS (American Dental Education Association- Associated American Dental Schools Application Service.)
    Upload to Interfolio a completed statement by February 21st.

  4. Upload to Interfolio a recent transcript and a resume by February 21st.

All interviews are held in the OLIN 102 seminar room. They will be thirty minutes long. The committee consists of four science faculty and one non-science faculty. Appropriate dress is required.

For more information on obtaining letters of recommendation, writing a personal statement and the interview process, make an appointment to meet with Marylynn Fallon, Chair, Pre-Health Advisory Committee (309 Olin, 860-439-2145) the semester prior to your scheduled interview.