Max Bush '06

Independent Study: "Nutrient Analysis in Porewater Samples from Barn Island Sediments."

Faculty Adviser: Anne Bernhard


Zach Landry '06

Independent Study: "Archaeal Diversity along an Estuarine Salinity Gradient in Plum Island Sound, Mass."

Faculty Adviser: Anne Bernhard


Morgan Maeder '06

Morgan studied the possible role of Ttk69 as a repressor of E(spl) mgamma expression in Drosophila melanogaster. She altered the binding sites in the upstream regulatory region of mgamma and transfected these vectors into S2 cells.
Honors Thesis: Regulation of E(spl) Gene Expression During Deveopment

Faculty Adviser: Deborah Eastman


Katelyn Nelson '06

Honors Thesis: "Patterns of Archaeal Community Correlate with Salt Marsh Vegetation Patterns." Katelyn presented her results at the New England Estuarine Research Society meeting in Hull, Mass. in April 2006.

Faculty Adviser: Anne Bernhard

Ben Polansky '06

Ben focused on comparing E(spl) gene expression patterns between D. melanogaster and D. pseudoobscura. Specifically, he investigated the expression of E(spl) genes in D. pseudoobscura as well as the comparison of these expression patterns to that of D. melanogaster.

Faculty Adviser: Deborah Eastman


Brandon Richard '06

Brandon worked on training and veterinary care of beluga whales at the Mystic Aquarium. He completed two internships at the Aquarium and completed his senior honors thesis. His research project was part of a larger effort to train whales to cooperate in taking periodic urine and blood samples to monitor their health.

Faculty Adviser: Robert Askins


Bryanne Robson's '06

Honors Thesis: Analysis of the Upstream Regulatory Region of the Enhancer of Split m7 gene in Drosophila. Bryanne presented her poster on "Regulation on Enhancer of Split transcription during Drosophila development" at the Society of Development Biology conference held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Faculty Adviser: Deborah Eastman


Jennifer Evans '06

Jennifer Evans, in the foreground, and Jennifer Michalove from the College of William and Mary worked on the project: "The effect of inbreeding depression on fecundity and egg-to-adult viability during long-term laboratory culture of Drosophila melanogaster."

Faculty Adviser: Philip Barnes


Kaitlin Shaughnessy '06

Kaitlin Shaughnessy worked on the mechanisms of freezing tolerance of a salt marsh snail, Melampus bidentatus.

Faculty Adviser: Steve Loomis