"You've shown me a piece of the Middle East. There's no going back now."  - Vanessa Correia '16

Students of Arabic at Connecticut College are eligible to apply for the Jordan Arabic Summer Program.

Ten students are selected each summer to spend six weeks in Irbid, Jordan, studying intensive Arabic language and immersing themselves in the culture.

The summer program directors were professors Muhammad Masud and Waed Athamneh.

Many students describe the Jordan Arabic Summer Program as one of the College’s most unique and valuable offerings.

Sharing their experiences and insights, two Arabic students, Vanessa Correia and Kaitlyn Garbe, maintained blogs during the 2013 summer program: Crossing Borders and Adventure is Out There.

Also, check out this interview with several students who participated in the 2012 pilot program.

Interested Connecticut College students should please contact Waed Athamneh at wathamne@conncoll.edu for a program application and for additional information.

Students of Arabic in the Jordan Summer Program at Connecticut CollegeIn the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan: Professors Muhammad Masud and Waed Athamneh with students Vanessa Correia '16, Kaitlyn Garbe '15, Christine Connolly '16, Emily Paragamian, Tim Morril '16, Reshma Shah '14, Kate Sullivan '16, Chris Chen '15, Zachary Balomenos '14 and Michael Fratt '15