The faculty in computer science are dedicated teachers and scholars who believe in the importance of involving students in research. Continuing our collaboration with Trinity College and Wesleyan University, we were awarded an NSF grant for the HFOSS (humanitarian free and open source software) project.

Gary Parker, Professor and Chair of Computer Science

Gary Parker
Professor, Chair of Computer Science
Artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive science, genetic algorithms
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Ozgur Izmirli, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Ozgur Izmirli
Associate Professor, Judith Ammerman '60 Director of the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology
Digital signal processing for audio signals, audio data compression, musical signal analysis and representation, music perception and cognition modeling, tonality tracing, timbre recognition, and computer-user interfaces for musical applications
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Christine Chung, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Christine Chung
Assistant Professor
Algorithmic game theory (including evolutionary game theory, inefficiency of equilibria, auctions, and mechanism design) and algorithm design in general (including online and approximation algorithms).
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S. James Lee, computer science, Connecticut College  S. James Lee
Assistant Professor
Expressive virtual human, computer graphics and visualization, immersive 3D virtual environments, computer game and interactive media, physical computing and human computer interaction
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 Thomas Daggett, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science Thomas A. Daggett
Adjunct Professor
Social computing, search technologies, distributed processing, XML information exchange, cloud computing, human-computer interfaces, system architecture Thomas.Daggett@conncoll.edu
 William Barnes, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science William Barnes
Adjunct Professor
Cybersecurity, identity and access management, public key infrastructure, biometrics, cloud computing
 Stephen Winters-Hilt, Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science & Biology, Connecticut College

Stephen Winters-Hilt
Visiting Associate Professor
Machine learning, bioinformatics, genome analsysis, signal processing, pattern recognition, and nanopore detector cheminformatics

Art Potter, Computer Laboratory Technician Art Potter
Computer Laboratory Technician

(860) 439-2425
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Cindy Weiner, Computer Science Department Assistant

Cindy Weiner
Department Assistant
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Stacey Lion, Computer Science Department Assistant

Stacey Lion
Department Assistant
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 Bridget Baird, Retired Professor of Computer Science

Retired Faculty

Bridget Baird 



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