Secondary Education Certification Requirements

In order to be certified by the State of Connecticut at Connecticut College at the secondary level, students need to take EDU 223 in the spring of their freshman year or sometime during their sophomore year. (If you are contemplating taking this gateway course after that, you should contact the certification officer to determine if there is adequate time to meet all certification requirements before graduation.)

All students seeking secondary certification are required by the State of Connecticut to take the following General Education Requirements to be certified. Many of these requirements correlate to Connecticut College area requirements. Careful planning will minimize the courses you would need to take to meet both the state requirements for certification and Connecticut College's requirements for graduation. Also it is important to note that AP and IB credits that appear on your transcript will meet the state requirements in those specific areas.

An overall GPA of 2.7 is required by the state for teacher certification.

General Education Requirements:

  • U.S. History (a survey course that must cover at least 75 years. Some American Studies classes are acceptable. Many students take HIST 105)
  • Any four of these five types of courses are required:
    • Science (the state will accept Psychology 101 as a natural science)
    • English
    • Mathematics (must be listed under Math Department)
    • Foreign Language
    • Art/Music/Dance /Theater

As well as having majored in an area that Connecticut College certifies in on the secondary level such as English, Spanish, French, history, math, biology, chemistry, physics, general science, earth science and music, some students will be able to meet requirements for certification in an area by having a different major and taking the appropriate number of required credits in certain areas. For example, a government major may qualify for certification in history/social studies with an appropriate number of credits in history and other social science areas.

All secondary certification candidates entering the program after the fall of 2009 must meet the professional certification requirements of the State of Connecticut listed below.

Professional Education Requirements:

  • EDU 103: Drug & AIDS Education
  • EDU 223: Foundations of Education
  • EDU 225: Curriculum and Classroom Assessment
  • HMD 225: Individual Differences in Development
  • EDU 305: Curricular Theories and Design in the Content Area
  • EDU 450: Student Teaching Seminar in Critical Pedagogy: Elementary and Secondary School
  • EDU 457: Student Teaching in the Secondary School
  • HMD 307: Adolescent Development

For more information, please contact the certification officer John Madura, 860-439-2014.