Gender and Women's Studies Student Awards

Gender and women's studies cupcakesSusan J. Rose '62 Prize

The Susan J. Rose '62 Prize is awarded to a student for excellence and dedication in Women's Studies in honor of Susan J. Rose. Susan J. Rose has worked all her life both professionally and personally to advance the status of women. She has served as a commissioner on the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission and currently is District Supervisor for the County of Santa Barbara.

2012 winners: Meghan Ball , Laura Romano, and Janet Tso
2013 winner: Agnes "Mimi" Bangali
2014 winner: Isabel Hibbard

Jane W. Torrey Prize

The Jane W. Torrey Prize is awarded to a senior in Gender and Women's Studies for outstanding work in that field, given in honor of Jane W. Torrey, Professor Emeritus of Psychology. Professor Torrey taught in the Department of Psychology for over 35 years and was instrumental in the formation of the Program in Gender and Women's Studies at Connecticut College.

2012 winner: Bernadette Pameri
2013 winner: Rachel Pritzlaff
2014 winner: Amber Villaneuva

The GWS Feminist Collective Action Award

This award goes to a campus group that has proved effective in organizing in support of women's issues.

2008 winner: The GWS Senior Seminar, for its groundbreaking work on human rights and campus sexual assault
2012 winner: Versum, the Trans* group on campus, members Lamar Ok, Matty Burns, Alex Shay, Zach Shay, Trina Townsend, Jae Majors
2013 winner: The Connecticut College Men’s Hockey Team
winner: GWS Student Advisory Board members Andrea Hoisington, Aneeka Kalia, Ari Flessas, Henry Sinnock, Isabel Hibbard, Sam Pevear, Shameesha Pryor, Renna Gottlieb, Michael Murgo 

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