A Transnational Feminist Approach

GWS 103 is an interdisciplinary course that examines how feminism is constituted transnationally. Drawing upon disciplines including political economy, history, literature, and sociology, the course examines the gendered forces that constitute modernities and post-modernities, including colonization, the transatlantic slave trade, body politics, the nation-state and gendered citizens, the global economy, and the family.

Here's what students say about GWS 103: 

"GWS 103 synthesizes feminist, sociological, literary, and economic perspectives in a way that forces us students to not only attempt to understand the injustices of the world through an objective, clear lens, but also to consider what contributions we can make directly towards changing these injustices--equal emphasis is put on problem and solution, and on question and answer. Moreover, the relentless optimism and staggering intellect of every professor who teaches this class is the unifying component that makes it one of the best offered at Connecticut College."

- Andy Stein Zeller, Class of 2014, Music and Technology Major, Computer Science Minor, Scholar in the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology (CAT)

“I loved Intro to GWS -- it's the reason I decided to become a GWS major! I didn't just learn about theory, but I learned about myself. After taking this class, I began to understand the enormous role that gender, race, and class has played in the formation of my identity, and was able to recognize the true consequences of ignoring the patriarchal system and privilege that results from it. It made me see the world in a whole new (gendered) way!" 

- Alexis Adams-Clark, Class of 2015, Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies Major, Scholar in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy