Gender and Women's Studies 224 is a gendered examination of twentieth-century social movements and the emergence of autonomous women′s organizations and networks worldwide. Emphasis on violence and the state, anticolonial movements, communist and postcommunist states, feminism vs. nation building, women in industrial and postindustrial economies, and the challenges and opportunities of women′s organizations in the twenty-first century. This is the same course as Comparative Race and Ethnicity 224.

Here's what students have to say:

"I really enjoyed the Transnational Women's Movements course because I learned more about the Occupy Movement. Although it may seem like the Occupy movement has died because it's not covered in mainstream media, it is still very much alive. In this class, we examined the possibilities and limitations of the movement. We examined this for half of the semester in class and participated in a thought provoking two-part workshop with the War Resisters League. I am glad we covered the Occupy movement in this class because this is one of the movements of my generation that I can partake in."

- Jamie McKaie, Class of 2015, Gender and Women’s Studies Major, Scholar in the Holleran Center for Community Action in Public Policy (PICA)

"Transnational Women's Movements provided me with a historical foundation of women's movements, which we used to examine various social justice issues worldwide. This class opened my eyes to grassroots organizing and gave me insight into how I can apply these practices to communities I am involved in."

- Sophie Sharps, Class of 2016, Government Major, Sociology Minor