Encouraging learning through both theory and practice

This course, GWS 312, Feminist Social Research Methods, focuses on developing feminist research questions and the design of research projects and gives students experience with different methods, including interview, survey, experimental and ethnographic techniques. This is the same course as Comparative Race and Ethnicity 312.

Here's what students have to say about GWS 312: 

"By encouraging learning through both theory and practice, Professor Rotramel allowed the class to gain a broad understanding of many social research methods as well as bring our own interests and ideas into independent projects. I designed and conducted independent research on college students’ conception of their own autobiographically consequential experiences. The course was crucial to understanding knowledge production in society and in finding my own perspective on research design and presentation."

- Rachel Pritzlaff, Class of 2013, Gender and Women’s Studies and Dance Double Major, recipient of Gender and Women’s Studies Department Award 2013

"Feminist Research Methods with Professor Rotramel gave students the chance to tackle our research interests from a feminist perspective, providing us with various models of conducting research and encouraging us to first and foremost, consider our own positionalities, identities, and resources to develop meaningful research proposals. I truly enjoyed this class as I came away with concrete information and methods of going about my area of interest and felt a strong sense of community in the classroom."

- Isabel Hibbard, Class of 2014, Gender and Women’s Studies Major, Scholar in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy (PICA)