Gender and women's studies Student Advisory Board on the steps of 740 Williams StreetSome electives, which change from year to year, are:

GWS235 - "Chutney Popcorn": Bollywood, Globalization, and Identity 
This course is an examination of the scripts of social reform in Bollywood films since the advent of globalization and economic liberalization in 1991. Through a series of Hindi films made in the period between 1990 and 2000, this course makes connections between economic change and the gendered nature of social reform in contemporary India.

GWS203 - Introduction to Queer Studies
This interdisciplinary introduction will ground students in queer theories and histories and the movements of queer and transgender people. These theoretical and historical lenses will be used to examine literature, film, popular culture, and personal and group identities so that students gain facility in "queering" a wide range of intellectual and cultural pursuits.

GWS207 - Feminist Approach to Disability Studies
An exploration of disability as both a social identity and category of analysis. The mix of feminist and disability-based scholarship provides an interdisciplinary and intersectional entrance into this innovative field. Course materials will include critical theory, historical and contemporary studies, as well as activist and artistic representations.

GWS208 - Women of Color in the Americas
An examination of the ways in which women of color have invented themselves in the Americas over the past century. Students will examine the contributions of women of color to feminist theory, theology, literature and the arts, and U.S. social movements and activism.