Gender and women's studies Student Advisory Board on the steps of 740 Williams Street Some electives, which change from year to year, are:

GWS  213 - Intersectional Identity in American Film
An examination of American film and moving image culture, tracing the representational politics and ideological issues that arise around notions of identity. Particular emphasis on how race, class, and ethnicity intersect in a diverse range of film and media forms.

GWS203 - Introduction to Queer Studies
This interdisciplinary introduction will ground students in queer theories and histories and the movements of queer and transgender people. These theoretical and historical lenses will be used to examine literature, film, popular culture, and personal and group identities so that students gain facility in "queering" a wide range of intellectual and cultural pursuits.

GWS207 - (Dis)embodied Struggle: Disability, fat and violence against the body
The course engages an intersectional analysis of discourses on and representations of bodies as beautiful and otherwise socially and culturally acceptable. We will analyze how art and technology are important to the disciplining of our bodies and how and why we are implicated in this disciplining.

GWS208 - Women of Color in the Americas
An examination of the ways in which women of color have invented themselves in the Americas over the past century. Students will examine the contributions of women of color to feminist theory, theology, literature and the arts, and U.S. social movements and activism.