GWS Timeline

  • 1911 - Founding of Connecticut College for Women
  • 1969 - Connecticut College goes "co-ed"
  • 1970 - Helen Mulvey teaches the first women's studies course, "Women in Late Victorian England," in the first year of the College's co-educational status.
  • 1978 - The first introductory course is offered, coordinated by Alix Deguise
  • 1994 - The Women's Studies Program becomes the Gender and Women's Studies Program
  • 1998 - The program is awarded its first full-time faculty member and institutes the study of transnational feminism as the focus of the department. Jacqui Alexander is hired as the first Fuller-Maathai Chair of Gender and Women's Studies
  • 1999 - The faculty votes to give GWS departmental status. Frances Hoffmann is hired as Dean of the College with a joint appointment in Gender and Women's Studies and Sociology. Hoffmann is selected to be Dean of the Faculty in 2003 and serves until 2007.
  • 2002 - Jacqui Alexander resigns and Mab Segrest is hired as Visiting Associate Professor to chair the department.
  • 2003- Segrest is named the Fuller-Maathai Chair of Gender and Women's Studies.
  • 2003-2006 - The department completes the design of the transnational feminism major.
  • 2010 - Shubhra Sharma is hired as the Vandana Shiva assistant professor in Gender and Women’s Studies.

GWS Contact Information:

Candace Howes
Department Chair
Phone: 860-439-5447
Fax: 860-439-5332

Jenny Bonnano
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-439-2032
Fax: 860-439-5289

Department of Gender & Women's Studies
Connecticut College
Box 5266
740 Williams Street
New London, CT 06320