We believe that the strongest theater education combines practical courses that emphasize learning-through-doing with theater studies courses in which students explore dramatic literature and performance within historical and cultural contexts. We offer the major or minor in theater. 

We offer studio courses in which your artistic skills as an actor, director, designer or playwright will be challenged and strengthened, including: 

  • Acting I: The Preparation 
  • Acting II: Script Analysis 
  • Advanced Scene Study: Styles; Shakespeare; The Realists
  • Design Aesthetics
  • Costume Design and Construction 
  • Technical Production: Dance and Theater
  • Directing I: Coaching the Actor
  • Playwriting Studio 
  • Solo Performance 

Courses in theater history and dramatic literature (both inside and outside the department) will develop your analytical skills and provide you with opportunities to explore theatrical performance as a forum through which social concerns are debated and discussed, such as: 

  • Theater and Culture
  • American Drama
  • Seminar in Theater: Eugene O'Neill and His America
  • Seminar in Theater: The Breakout/Breakthrough Musical
  • Art of Protest: Occupy ________ 
  • Intersecting Performances: Dance-Theater (cross-listed with the dance department) 
  • The AIDS Epidemic in Theater and Film
  • Special Projects: Gender in Contemporary Performance (cross-listed with the department of Gender and Women's Studies) 

If you are thinking of majoring in theater, we recommend that you take THE 104 (Acting I: Preparation), THE 110 (Technical Production), and THE 141 (The Art of Theater) over the course of your first three semesters. 

We encourage you to meet with a theater professor to discuss your interests and the major.