Department Chair

David Jaffe, Professor of Theater, Theater Department Chair

David Jaffe

Professor of Theater, Theater Department Chair

Actor training • Collectively created performance • Theatrical adaptation • The works of Anton Chekhov


Virginia Anderson, Assistant Professor of Theater

Virginia Anderson

Assistant Professor of Theater

LGBT theater • Women's theater • Children's theater • The AIDS epidemic in theater and film • Theater history

Edward T. Morris, Guest artist in set design

Edward T. Morris

Guest artist in set design

Set and projections designer for live performance

Sabrina Notarfrancisco, Assistant Professor of Theater

Sabrina Notarfrancisco

Assistant Professor of Theater

Costume design • Costume construction • Costume history • Costume shop management

Kenneth Prestininzi, Associate Professor of Theater

Kenneth Prestininzi

Associate Professor of Theater

Playwriting • Creative ensemble • Performance studies • Theater history and literature

Rodney Dumond

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theater, Technical Director

Robert Richter

Adjunct Instructor

Meg Dolben '12

Guest Artist in Production Management and Technical Theater

Samantha Lazar

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jude Sandy

Adjunct Assistant Professor

In Memoriam

Linda Herr

Professor Emeritus of Theater