Theater is, by its very nature, an interdisciplinary art form drawing on multiple aspects of human experience in its formulation and created through collaboration. The interdisciplinary nature of theater is reflected in the theater department's curriculum, which requires courses in both the practice and the study of theater as well as courses in other departments.

The theater department offers courses cross-listed with other departments and we urge students to look for connections between their work in other areas of the curriculum and theater.

The theater department's activities also emphasize its interdisciplinarity. 

Whatever the focus of a play or performance, theater students are encouraged to explore it as a way of better understanding the world around us.

Students in any major may also earn a certificate from one of four of the College's five innovative interdisciplinary centers. Requirements for the certificate programs include a challenging combination of coursework, in-depth research and a funded summer internship in the U.S. or abroad. The four centers granting certificates are:

In 2007, "Where We're Coming From," an original ensemble-created performance exploring issues of race and difference, was produced in conjunction with the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity's year-long focus on race and the arts. Students and designers working on Girish Karnad's "Naga-Madala" had the opportunity to learn about Indian performance traditions as they staged the production.