The Center offers intensive week-long technology workshops to Certificate Program students in rotating themes, which may include motion capture, 3D film, physical computing, rapid prototyping, animation, wearable electronics, bio-hacking, flying robots (aka drones) and their uses, locative media/augmented reality media, hackathon-style challenges.

This year's workshop:

January 18-22, 2016

OpenEndedGroup: Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser (

"On Location in 3D"

This five-day workshop puts advanced 3D film technology in the hands even of those with no prior knowledge of computing. Using everyday tools like cellphone cameras, audio recorders, sketchbooks and notebooks, students will spend much of their time in the field, following their own lines of investigation into the intricate spaces, intersections, and history of New London. They will then create visual essays (or, if they prefer, poems) tracing their discoveries, and these will be projected in 3D within Open Ended Group’s advanced Field programming environment and renderer.

No mastery of that software will be necessary: instead, participants will enter the specifications for their project into a spreadsheet, which the software will instantly translate into code, placing the media elements both in the space of the 3D projection and in the sequencing of a timeline.

Collaboration among participants is encouraged, but not demanded; and any students with advanced programming skills will have ample opportunity to make good use of them, especially in collaborative projects. Students will complete a short film, either individually or in pairs by the end of the workshop, and present them in a public viewing.