Andrea Baldwin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, CCSRE Budget Subcommittee, Chair
Chris Barnard, Assistant Professor of Art, CCSRE Arts initiatives and partnerships
Sunil Bhatia, Professor of Human Development, CCSRE Faculty initiatives
Sheetal Chhabria, Assistant Professor of History, CCSRE Curricular initiatives (Fall 2016)
Nathalie Etoke, Associate Professor of French, CCSRE Self-Study and Curricular initiatives, CCSRE Associate Director 
Sandy Grande, Professor of Education, CCSRE Director
Andrea Lanoux, Associate Professor of Slavic Studies, CCSRE Alumni networks and Global Studies liaison (Fall 2016)
Tracee Reiser, Associate Dean of Community Learning, Community Partnerships liaison
Bryana White, Coordinator Multicultural Counseling, Staff initiatives