CISLA organizes lectures and discussions for the campus community several times each academic year.

Spring 2016

Mia Haas-Goldberg '16 and Dominic Lentini '18 were chosen by the Government/International Relations Department to attend an Iran Simulation conference hosted by Colorado College and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was part of a three-year project to bridge the gap between civilian and military students. The conference consisted of 34 students and six professors who together represented the U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Army War College, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Virginia Military Academy, West Point, Connecticut College, Dickinson College, Bard College, Vassar College, and Brown and Washington and Lee universities.

They debated possible policy recommendations surrounding potential Iranian noncompliance to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Dominic served as the Assistant Attorney General for National Security in the Department of Justice, and Mia was the Assistant to the President of Public Affairs in the Executive Office of the President. Dominic said that, “We debated policy recommendations for the "President" and received crisis updates every few hours which served to challenge our decision-making skills under pressure.”

Fall 2015

Refugees, welcomed and rejected: Why isn't this a global crisis?

Discussion on this international concern moderated by Marc R. Forster, Director of CISLA and Henry B. Plant Professor of History. Panelists included Tristan Borer, Professor of Government; Karolin Machtans, Assistant Professor German Studies; and Ahmad Alachkar, Visiting Scholar, Economics.

Chinese Economic Slowdown and its Implication for the World Economy

Presenters included John Q. Tian, Associate Professor of Government; Yongjin Park, Associate Professor of Economics; and Wei Zhang, Assistant Professor of Economics.

Global CONNections,Growing Your Network and Expanding Your Career Horizons

Co-sponsored with the Alumni Association during Fall Weekend. Sarah Schoellkopf '97, Co-Chair International Committee of the Alumni Assoc. Board of Directors, introduced alumni panel members Greg Fleischmann '90, Director Global Marketing, Baker & McKenzie; Johanna Gregory '10, Program Manager, American Council on Germany; Katherine Avgerinos Docampo '06, Lead for Eurasia Business Engagement, World Economic Forum; and Meghan Ball '12, Women's Investment Network Coordinator, Population Services International.

Jennifer De Leon '01 presents, "The Power of Story: Moving Latinas To and Through College."

Connecticut College alumnus and author Jennifer De Leon ’01 visited during the fall semester to present, "The Power of Story: Moving Latinas To and Through College," an event co-sponsored by CISLA and Unity House. Jennifer De Leon edited "Wise Latinas, Writers on Higher Education," a collection of personal essays addressing the varied landscape of the Latina experience in higher education. Featuring acclaimed writers such as Sandra Cisneros, Norma Cantú, and Julia Alvarez, "Wise Latinas" shows that there is no one Latina college experience. 

Crisis in Ukraine, a common hour panel discussion

Sponsored by CISLA, "Crisis in Ukraine", was a common hour panel discussion. Topics and presenters included: “Language and the History of Russo-Ukrainian Relations,” Petko Ivanov, Slavic Studies; “Russian Imperialism, the Soviet Collapse, and Ukraine,” Eileen Kane, History; “Barack Obama, Russia, and Power Politics in Ukraine,” Alex Roberto Hybel, Government and International Relations; “Social Media and the Ukrainian Conflict,” Laura Little, Slavic Studies. 

Application process for the Class of 2019

The application process for the CISLA Class of 2019 begins in the fall. Sophomore applicants navigate the rigorous application process and craft written proposals with the assistance of faculty and current CISLA students assigned to them as mentors. Final proposals are due to the CISLA office in November. A committee of 12 faculty and staff will meet in mid-December to select the Class of 2019 and students are notified of the decisions during winter break. The Class of 2019 begins its journey through the CISLA program with the required gateway course, Perspectives on Modern Global Society, team-taught by a group of Connecticut College professors from various disciplines.

Annual United Nations trip

In April 2016, the CISLA Class of 2018 will make the annual CISLA sophomore trip to New York City to visit the United Nations and meet with delegates from Iran and Germany. In the past, CISLA students have met with delegates from the missions of Argentina, Italy, Mexico, France, the United States, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Students had the opportunity to engage with foreign diplomats in meaningful dialogue on a variety of global issues.

The annual CISLA banquets

During Fall Weekend 2015, CISLA welcomed the families and friends of the Class of 2016 to celebrate the students' completion of their internships at our annual Senior Banquet. CISLA seniors shared their unique experiences abroad and reflected on the common themes of their Senior Integrative Projects. 

On February 20, 2016 CISLA hosted its annual Spring Banquet to honor the newly admitted CISLA Class of 2018 and introduced their families and friends to the CISLA program.

Gift for Save the Children, Jordan

Each year, CISLA students raise money at Fall Weekend through the sale of cards made from the winning photographs from the international photo contest. We choose to donate the proceeds to an organization where one of our CISLA students had an internship, and this year we chose Save the Children, Jordan, where CISLA scholar Vanessa Correia conducted her internship during the summer of 2015.