Student Research


Flying in Place: Black Superheroes and Their Origin Stories

By: Kolton Harris '14
Faculty Adviser: Courtney Baker

In a Little While: A Short Story Collection

By: Munib Khan '13
Faculty Adviser: Blanche Boyd
(Creative work)

Liminal Leda: A Conversation About Art, Poetry, and Vague Translations of Sex

By: Molly Pistrang '13
Faculty Adviser: John Gordon

Student profile

Caroline Mills Caroline Mills


Q: Why Connecticut College?
A: The beautiful campus was a point in Conn's favor, as was the strong academic culture. I really fell in love with the College once I got here, based on the community and the fantastic professors. I can't emphasize the latter enough — I've had so many wonderful professors who are always ready to help, encourage or just chat.

Q: What has been your most challenging/ rewarding class?
A: This is a tough one — I feel like every class I've taken, no matter the subject, has been an important part of my education as a whole. "James Joyce" with Professor Gordon certainly fits that criterion. "Ulysses" is one of those stereotypically difficult texts, but the semester I spent poring over it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had.

Q: What role has CELS (the College's career development and internship program) played in your experience?
A: I did my CELS funded internship at Quirk Books, a small but popular publishing company in Philadelphia. It exposed me to the world of publishing and gave me valuable experience in marketing and publicity.

Selected courses

  • Songs
  • Writing the Short Story
  • Love and Sex in the Middle Ages
  • Nomads, Shamans, and Mystics: Imagining Central Asia
  • Jews and Moors in Renaissance Drama
  • Thrills, Chills, and Tears: Black Genre Fiction
  • Race, Nation, and Empire in the Eighteenth Century
  • Humans and Other Animals in 19th-Century American Literature
  • African Novels
  • The Literature of Passing
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Mandarin, Magician, Ecrivain


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