The Goodwin-Niering Center’s Certificate Program in Environmental Studies is designed to enhance the undergraduate experience with a strong concentration on environmental issues. Open to students in any major, it enables those who are ready for an additional academic challenge to cultivate their interest in environmental topics through coursework, a paid internship or research experience, and a senior integrative project.

The certificate program is appealing to those who wish to “environmentalize” their major by blending their interest in the environment with another discipline. It is of particular interest to students planning careers in international relations, government, economics or biology.  Students majoring in environmental studies can also benefit from the Certificate Program through focused study in their area of interest.

In creating this opportunity, the Center's goal is to encourage the integration of environmental themes into teaching and scholarship across the liberal arts curriculum, to educate an ever-greater number of students about fundamental contemporary environmental issues and to prepare students for a work-world in which environmental issues play a significant role, either directly or indirectly.