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Here's a sampling of research projects by our students:

Historical Memory as a Barrier to Education Equity

By: Leah Swinson '15
Faculty Adviser: Leo Garofalo

Non-Traditional Dominican Migration and its Effects on Foreign Affairs, Gender Norms and Race Relations: Migration to Madrid, Spain in Comparison to the United States

By: Janil Tejada '15
Faculty Adviser: Leo Garofalo


Student profile

Karen Cardona  Karen Cardona

Hispanic studies, gender and women's studies

Q: Why Hispanic studies?
A: My family and I are political refugees from Colombia. Growing up, I was unable to understand the reasons as to why certain things occurred in Latin America. Majoring in Hispanic studies has allowed me to understand these issues from an academic perspective.  

Q: Most rewarding class?
A: “Religion and Violence in Latin America” with Professor Graziano. It taught me about how much the influence of religion and the violence that occurred during the Spanish Inquisition has affected Latin American culture today.

Q: Did you study abroad?
A: I studied in Lima Peru through the College’s SATA program. I also completed a College-funded internship with a national food and drink workers union in Medellin, Colombia. I conducted interviews with workers who had experienced gender-based violations in the workplace. 

Q: What are your career plans?
A: I am currently applying to graduate programs for Latin American and Caribbean studies at several universities, including the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Florida. After graduate school, I want to work for nonprofits that focus on gender-based violence or workers rights in Chicago or in Latin America. 

Selected courses

  • Latino Writers in the U.S.
  • Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean
  • Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • Religion and Violence in Latin America
  • Youth in Spanish America
  • Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
  • Masterworks of Spanish Theater
  • U.S. Latino Urban Youth Narratives


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