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Annie Mitchell Annie Mitchell

Hispanic studies, economics

Q: Why Connecticut College?
A: I knew I wanted a small school. I was interested in being at a college where I would see familiar faces everywhere I went and feel like I really belonged. I also knew that Conn had a very reputable study abroad program and internship program. Conn was essentially my first-choice school right from the beginning.

Q: Did you study abroad?
A: I did my college-funded internship in Madrid this past summer. Being in Madrid was the single best thing that I've ever worked for in my life. I opted to be totally independent and find my own apartment by myself in the heart of the city. I worked full time in the business and customer development department of a company called Campofrio Food Group.

Q: What role has the College's career development and funded internship program (CELS) played for you?
A: Without CELS, my time in Madrid would have never been possible. Through the funded internship program and a scholarship, I was able to completely pay for my time in Spain. CELS also taught me so much about interviews, professional communication etiquette and editing my resume.

Selected courses

  • Latino Writers in the U.S.
  • Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean
  • Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • Religion and Violence in Latin America
  • Youth in Spanish America
  • Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
  • Masterworks of Spanish Theater
  • U.S. Latino Urban Youth Narratives


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