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Diamond Howell Diamond Howell

Human development

Q: Why human development?
A: After taking an introductory class, I knew that it would be a great fit for me. I like the interactive and interdisciplinary nature of the major – examining issues across the perspectives of race, class, gender, age and culture. I appreciated the close-knit community of professors and students, too.

Q: What kind of research and service learning have you done?
A: I worked with kids from infants through teens in a variety of settings, including a magnet school and a special program for students who having trouble learning. I also helped Professor Carol Akai analyze data on children's experiences of trauma as part of her research.

Q: What are your career plans?
A: I plan to continue my graduate studies in curriculum and instruction with a focus in multicultural education. After completing a doctoral program in the next five or six years, I might become a school administrator, public policy developer or professor.

Selected courses

  • Children's Rights and Public Policy
  • Children and Family Social Policies
  • Children in Learning Environments
  • Social and Personality Development
  • Adolescent Development
  • Media, Self and Society
  • Children and Families in a Multicultural Society
  • Social Policy Analysis in Urban America
  • Developmental Research in Language: Ethnography, Socialization and the Construction of Self and Identity


Student research


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