Student/Faculty Research

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Here's a sampling of research projects by our students:

On Hearing Trauma

By: Nora Britton '14
Faculty Adviser: David Kyuman Kim

The Neurological Production of Experiences Deemed Spiritual or Religious

By: Benjamin Allar '13
Faculty Adviser: Eugene Gallagher

Incidental Matters

By: Alex Zareki '12
Faculty Adviser: Ozgur Izmirli


Student profile

Nora Britton Nora Britton

Religious studies

Q: What led you to religious studies?
A: I stumbled upon it freshman year when I took "Religion and the Spirit of Politics." It was one of my most challenging, engaging courses. I’ve been able to study a wide range of subject matter, from Dante's Inferno to the Sunni awakening. My professors have a genuine interest in my success, and I've enjoyed their mentorship both inside and outside the classroom.

Q: What type of independent research have you done?
A: Another student and I pursued an independent study with Professor Kim. We examined the ways in which trauma destroys and stimulates world views. I concluded the project with a paper, "On Hearing Trauma" and submitted it to the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest. I am a finalist.

Q: What role has CELS, the College's career and internship program, played for you?
A: My CELS counselor helped me identify internship options, edit cover letters and conduct a mock interview. I interned with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and had a terrific summer in New York City.

Selected courses

  • Holy Books: The Western Scriptural Tradition
  • Religion and the Spirit of Politics
  • Cults and Conversions in Modern America
  • Religion and Public Life
  • Pilgrimage
  • Lived Religion: Religious Stories and Practices in Everyday Life
  • Fundamentalisms
  • Jewish Ethics


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