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By: Scott Pulvirent '14
Faculty Adviser: David Jaffe
(Senior capstone)

"Barely Naked"

By: Jacob Rosenbaum '14
Faculty Adviser: Ken Prestininzi
(Senior capstone)

"Medea of Gaza"

By: Julian Gordon '14 and Julia Larsen '14
Faculty Adviser: Ken Prestininzi and David Jaffe
(Senior capstone)


Student profile

Terilyn Eisenhauer  Terilyn Eisenhauer

Theater, American studies

Q: Why theater?
A: When I first came to Conn, I thought I would only be involved in theater as an extra-curricular activity. However, I quickly fell in love with our Theater Department’s commitment to all aspects of theater. My freshman year, I was able to take two acting classes, act in one main stage show and work as a crew member on three more. My professors are inspiring and approachable, and they constantly challenge me to do my best work.

Q: Favorite class?
A: I absolutely adored Professor David Jaffe's course, "Directing II: Building a Concept." In this upper-level class, we were given the freedom to conceive and develop an original 20-minute piece of theater, which was ultimately performed in Tansill Theater. This course allowed me to focus on my personal goals as a theater artist and create something I was truly passionate about.

Q: Have you done any independent research or projects?
A: I've been working with Professor Ken Prestininzi on my solo performance, "Are You My Mother, Amelia?" for more than a year now. What started as a class project turned into something I’m now hoping to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Q: Did you study abroad?
A: I studied in Dublin at the Gaiety School of Acting: The National Theater School of Ireland. This program allowed me to take a break from my liberal arts studies and focus solely on training as an actor in a conservatory setting. My experience abroad reinforced my passion for acting and I returned to Conn a more focused and dedicated theater student.

Selected courses

  • The Art of Theater
  • Acting I: Preparation
  • Acting II: Play Analysis
  • Playwriting Workshop
  • The Solo Performance Event
  • Musical Theater in American Culture
  • Directing One: Coaching the Actor
  • The AIDS Epidemic in Theater and Film
  • Theories of Performance
  • Eugene O'Neill and his America
  • Advanced Scene Study: Shakespeare
  • Advanced Scene Study: Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg and O'Neill


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