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By: Scott Pulvirent '14
Faculty Adviser: David Jaffe
(Senior capstone)

"Barely Naked"

By: Jacob Rosenbaum '14
Faculty Adviser: Ken Prestininzi
(Senior capstone)

"Medea of Gaza"

By: Julian Gordon '14 and Julia Larsen '14
Faculty Adviser: Ken Prestininzi and David Jaffe
(Senior capstone)

Student profile

Molly Clifford Molly Clifford


Q: Why Connecticut College? Why theater?
A: I knew I wanted to be a theater major, and the department definitely was what I wanted. It takes a multidisciplinary look at theater and asks students to explore the various parts of the subject. And I adored that there are practicum requirements, so I knew I would work on department shows. Being a bit of a music theater geek, I was really excited that the department does a musical once a year, which is essentially unheard of among the colleges I was looking at.

Q: Did you study away?
A: I spent the fall semester of my junior year at the National Theater Institute in Waterford, Conn. It was an intensive semester of theater in an ensemble-based environment -- essentially a year of conservatory training crammed into four months. It was hands down the most transformative educational experience of my life.

Q: What role has the College's career development and funded internship program (CELS) played in your experience?
A: My CELS funded internship was at the O'Neill Theater Center, where the National Theater Institute is located. I spent the summer assisting the artistic directors of the National Music Theater Conference and the Cabaret Conference. I sat in on countless rehearsals and had the opportunity to make connections I never would have otherwise.

Selected courses

  • The Art of Theater
  • Acting I: Preparation
  • Acting II: Play Analysis
  • Playwriting Workshop
  • Directing One: Coaching the Actor
  • American Drama
  • Solo Performance Event
  • The AIDS Epidemic in Theater and Film
  • Theories of Performance
  • Eugene O'Neill and his America
  • Advanced Scene Study: Shakespeare
  • Advanced Scene Study: Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg and O'Neill
  • The Breakout/ Breakthrough Musical: Form and Content


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