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Roger Brooks, Dean of the Faculty

A message from Roger Brooks, Dean of the Faculty

The liberal arts rest on a fundamental curiosity, which propels faculty to collect data, analyze them, and hazard generalizations in articles and books. This foundation engenders creativity in music and the arts and drives academics to sift through mounds of evidence in the hope of assembling something grander, be it historical argument or literary analysis. It requires mass spectrometers and gas chromatographs; curiosity urges fundamental and foundational understanding of the world around us.

But such delight in the new does not suffice. Sooner or later, every one of us wants someone else to understand what we've come to know. Out of the curiosity that drives research, then, comes the impulse to communicate that animates the craft of teaching.

Innovative research and active teaching come together at Connecticut College. In our classrooms, faculty share discoveries at the very boundaries of their fields, though adapted and made accessible to an audience of undergraduates. The effect of this close intellectual engagement — in and out of the classroom, studio, and lab — is a community of learning that is the hallmark of this great residential liberal arts institution.

Roger Brooks
Dean of the Faculty
Elie Wiesel Professor of Judaic Studies
Professor of Religious Studies

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