Africana Studies


Africana Studies

Africana Studies at Connecticut College employs an interdisciplinary and transnational approach to the study of peoples in Africa and throughout the African diaspora. The departments of French, Hispanic Studies, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Art History, English, and Government contribute courses to this program covering Africa, North and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Africana Studies critically engages the historic and contemporary life, thought and cultures of African peoples. Africana Studies seeks to explore the linkages among African peoples while also highlighting a multiplicity of experiences through the lenses of issues such as class, ethnicity, gender, nation, and sexuality.

As a discipline, Africana Studies represents a tradition of intellectual inquiry that grew out of the black freedom struggle and is therefore concerned with the issues of slavery, colonialism, racism and shifting notions of blackness. It is a dynamic and expansive field that interrogates the migration patterns and complex global realities of people of African descent. 


The Africana Studies major and minor are interdisciplinary and transnational and designed for students to examine the universal and particular experiences of people of African descent. Course requirements are under review and renovation. Interested students should contact David Canton, Department of History.

AFRICANA STUDIES  201  INTRODUCTION TO AFRICANA STUDIES  An introduction to the methods and objectives of Africana Studies.  The course is concerned with issues of slavery, colonialism, racism, shifting notions of blackness, and the complex global realities of people of African descent. 

               Enrollment limited to 40 students.  This course satisfies General Education Area 3 and is a designated Writing course.  D. Canton

AFRICANA STUDIES  209  INTERSECTIONAL IDENTITIES IN AMERICAN FILM AND MEDIA  This is the same course as American Studies/Comparative Race and Ethnicity/Film Studies 209/Gender and Women's Studies 213.  Refer to the Film Studies listing for a course description.